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    Do you eat to live and enjoy life or you live to eat and enjoy life?

    This is a very simple question to you. Answer sincerely.
    Do you eat to live and enjoy life (or) Do you live to eat and enjoy life?
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    My concept is quite simple. Since this life is to live, they enjoy every moment and therefore my take is live to eat and enjoy life. The life is becoming more insecure and the very existence seems to be not in our hands and therefore we should not have any lingering demand of pending eats and what ever we like must be tasted and then take the precaution of health. I am a diabetic patient and my foods are restricted but nothing wrong to taste the food and be happy for having tasted those food which were of my liking. I am not talking about the non vegetarian food, even in vegetarian there are some special foods which are not tasted and eaten. Therefore I would never deceive my wants and desire to taste new varieties as and when the chance occurs and thus fulfill my dream of enjoying the life as of now.
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    My approach is eat to live because we should take food in moderation. One can take more food also there is no restriction but body will start converting it in the fat and then problems will start like weight increase and fat accumulation which is later a very difficult task to reduce. Many children are given too much freedom by their parents for eating ice creams and chocolates and all sort of sweet items and then they become bulky and fat and then they are to be sent to gym or other rigorous workouts to reduce that fat. It is better to take precautions while eating itself. Who does not want to eat variety of items in good quantity but that would harm our own body only. I feel we should eat to live and not live to eat.
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    Good to see the responses from the members.
    Mohan - Living to eat.
    Neeru Bhatt - Eating to live.

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    I eat to live. I live to enjoy my life. Without eating we can't live. So one should eat and drink to live. We should have good eating habits. Eating too much food or eating many times is not good for health and it may decrease your life span. So eating moderately will only help you to have a healthy life and you can enjoy life when you are healthy only. I have seen many people eating more and becoming fat and increasing their weight. Then their struggle will start to get the weight reduced. Instead of all this struggle if we plan our eating and if we good eating habits we will have good health and we can enjoy our life. So I suggest also to eat to live a healthy and happy life.
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    As per my view, we eat to live. People are being health conscious day by day. So, they are joining a yoga class and Jim for a different kind of work out. Now a days, people are avoiding to eat many items due to coronavirus. I think fewer people are addicted to eating habit. Those people who take more food have been suffering from different disease. Eating more food is poison for our body as it creates a different health problem.
    I am very choosy in having food item. I don't want to eat more food as health is life. We eat food for good health also not for taste only.

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    First, I clarify one thing that I am not a glutton. So I eat to live and not vice versa. However, I would like to eat the food of my choice. The food should be nutritious and tasty. One thing I have noticed when any physical work is done in which you have to toil for hours, suppose you are toiling in a field as a farmer does. Your whole body begins to sweat and after working for hours unde0r the sun you are tired and hungry and when the food is brought to you, this food will be felt as the most tasty food you have ever ate.

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    There was a time in my life when I never bothered for an orderly way of eating. Frankly speaking I lived to eat which is definitely a bad way and an unhealthy practice. I never thought that it would harm me as I was busy in pursing my career and I had no time to think that I should eat properly. So, ultimately, it affected my health and then the doctor told me to change the ways as I ate and he also told that it was an emergency type of situation. So, I was afraid and started to control my eating habits and today I am taking food i a controlled way avoiding junk foods and other fat increasing for items. Now, I am feeling alright as far as my health is considered but the realisation came to me quite late in my life. So, my message is that one should know these things about what type of food is to be taken, its quantity, and other disciplines to be observed. It is very common for young people to fall in the trap of junk food as well as eating items mindlessly but my advice is we have to avoid all such things which are not good for our health. It is better to adopt good eating practices early in ones life.
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