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    Why we should blindly go for purchases during festival times?

    During festival times it is customary to go for new dresses, new items, new gadgets, new furniture and many other things in that endless list. Every member in the family would be excited to hear about any proposition for buying a new thing at that time. Children will also look to their parents with great hope and expectations in their eyes. But before those purchases we have to see what are the clutter items we want to discard or want to give in exchange schemes or there might be some new things lying there unused and whether we really require those new items that we are planning now or it is only the craze of the festival times. If someone in the family suggests these things to other members that let us check the present inventory and if required clean them and put in use and take the stock of the situation before we go for buying a new item, no one will come forward and all the enthusiasm and interest will dissolve in a few minutes. Why we are so reluctant to take a overview of already available items and then only take a decision of buying new items? What do the members think about it?
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    To feel fresh and to be happy in our life, we need to throw away the old items and possess new items periodically. That is being done once in a year, especially during the festival days like Deepavali. Just imagine, if we happen to continue with the old items, what would happen to the new items that are being manufactured. There won't be any sale, and the company and the employees would suffer. It is a chain system. By buying new clothes, we are helping the textile units and the labourers. Same is applicable to other items that we renew during the festival season. Most importantly, Deepavali is related to textiles and firework industries.

    During Deepavali,
    Be Happy with new dresses.
    Make it sweeter with a variety of sweets.
    Make it brighter with the lamps and lights.
    Make it louder by bursting crackers.

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    Generally, all of us will have the habit of purchasing new clothes during festivals. All of us are required to purchase at least two or three dresses every year. So those can be planned during the festival season so that we will have sufficient clothes and at the same time we can wear new clothes on the festival day. This will not be an unnecessary purchase.
    But purchasing items without need is waste. We should never do such purchases. I also personally feel that only the items which are required to be purchased. On the occasion of Deepavali, we will sweet packets or dry fruits packets as gifts from some organisations. So there is no necessity for me to purchase separately.
    As mentioned by the author many people will go for unnecessary purchase and the unnecessary items will get accumulated in the house and it will be a big problem to the housewife to organise all such items in an order.
    So one should plan the purchases as per the requirement only.

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    Good question posed by the author. During the festive time it is the compulsion on everyone to wear new dress and go for new purchases as the society has been following the same since ages. If we do not make purchases the relations, the onlookers and well wishers feels otherwise and even blame our family for not giving regard to the festivities and the children are denied the cloths and enjoyment. Moreover during the festivities the new materials, the new designs, the best discount offers are announced and thus we also join the rush to bring in the best. Just now I had purchased one jean pant and shirt for 1100 rupees otherwise it would have been 1600 and the same shop was displaying the same color shirts and jeans pants for the old price. Thus I have been benefited and we know many are getting benefited through offers.
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    We are guided with the Psycology that during the festive season , we must have the new clothes and especially the children would remind us of the festivals so that parents would start new purchase for at least for their kids. Purchasing new clothes is not new phenomena, it is being observed since a long time.
    Of course, there has been some changes in the style of purchasing. In the past, we were purchasing the materials from the cloth stores and then there were tailors to stitch the materials as per our fittings. During the festive season, we could have observed inordinate delay in the process of stitching. Kids were eagerly waiting for the date of delivery of the materials. The date of delivery of materials provided them immense joy.
    Though purchases should be made as per our requirement, but during the festive season,,we ignore this norm.

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    We should not purchase anything blindly, though you can say it has become a custom to purchase new things during the festive season. I agree that many are not interested to remove clutter before purchasing anything new. If it's a couple of dresses it will not be a problem but if the items require some space to keep them then there may be a space constraint to keep the new items inside the house. Removing the clutter is very important and if things just pile up it looks awkward. One interesting comparison with this may be the repairing of asphalt roads in some places. The repairers put in asphalt over the existing layer without removing the old one and anyone can imagine what will be the situation of the road after a couple of such repairings. There will be an increase in the height which can pose some problems. The author is quite right. We should not just purchase things blindly and purchase them only when we will be able to use them. Otherwise, things will pile up and will be difficult to manage.

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    This question raised by the author is just based on generation gap, I believe. In those days, festivals are celebrated with new dress, different sweets and savouries. Navratri festival is meant for different varieties of sundals. Deepavali meant for crackers, new dress,sweets and savouries. Children in those days, very eagerly waiting for festivals as they can get the items as special as they are not available in ordinary days to them. Now many children are addicted to mobiles and computers, they are made occupied with study, tuition, extra curriculum etc. so, they are not interested in such items. Moreover, parents are now well to do in their status and they, however, get new dresses, sweets, sovouries even in ordinary days, so they are not new to them. So, the purchases of such items are deemed to be crazy.

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    Festivals provide people with an opportunity not only to celebrate but also conveys a heavy message of peace and prosperity. Festivals lift the feelings and soothes our soul. Everyone wishes to enjoy it with full fervour and gaiety.
    There are other cultural elements in festivals as well. People buy clothes during festivals and bring for children new dresses to add to their joy. Besides shopping, festivals provide people with all the refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Festivals bring together communities in the neighbourhood and enjoy together. Buying new items during festivals are encouraging as it increases the festive mood but exaggeration is not encouraging. During the festive season, we should also look at the weaker section and include them in celebrations, if possible help them with a donation so they also buy some essentials during the festivals. The actual message of these festivals is sharing the bond of peace and prosperity, strengthen the thread of brotherhood. Shopping on festive season is fine but unnecessary wasting money should be stopped.

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    Festivals are an occassion where we get heavy discount rates and clearance sale on daily wears too. During other days of the month there will be no discounts.
    Most industries and companies declares bonus for diwali or christmas, this extra chunk of money provokes people for new purchases. It is true that the stock has to be checked before buying new things. In case of clothes, it may not go inline as people are fascinated by the colour, style, looks and the cost.
    Regarding appliances, it is a necessity to check the quality of products lying aside in store rooms rather than just investing money on new ones.

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    Many people delay their purchases and coincide them during festival time and that iso a way a wise step as during festival times when everyone is showing off ones new things then others would also join the race. As regards the need of the item, frankly speaking we must buy things as per need only and not as per fashion or festivals. Some rich people go after fashion and we feel that we should also follow them but we do not have adequate money with us to go for such indulgences. It would be prudent to live within ones means and should not spend money unnecessarily whether it is a festival or whatever.
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