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    Energetic feeling - experience the joy of morning every day.

    It is believed that waking up should be a natural act and not a sound of coercion or alarm. We experience sleep inertia, which affects attention, alertness, and memory. This is the time to wake up completely from sleep. Time is required to get up from sleep and adjust. An alarm does not allow us to make this change comfortably.

    We keep talking about being 'busy' all the time; Actually, this is an excuse or reason for running away. The early hours of the morning give us time to get organized. Using that time to plan your entire day can reduce anxiety, increase productivity, and guarantee completion of important tasks.

    The early hours of the morning allow us to connect with nature, this is the reason why elders suggest to us, we should wake up early in the morning.
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    True. When we get up early in the morning, our mind will be fresh and we can think calmly. If we come out of the house and walk for some time in the open area we will have a fresh mind. The cool breeze, the rhythmic voices from various birds on the trees or flying in the sky. We can enjoy the morning atmosphere very nicely.
    Once we get accustomed to the habit of getting up early in the morning we never require any alarm. Daily we will wake up automatically. They will start very calmly and we can also get ready normally without any hurry. If we get up late we will not have sufficient time to get ready to go to the office and hence we have to rush and in that hurry, we may forget some important issues.
    During my school days, we used to get up very early and start studying. We used to remember what we study early morning for a long time. My mother used to get up early in the morning and she used to wake up all of us.

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    How to be energetic and get going is being experienced by me daily as I wake up at 3.30 am have the brush and bathing and go for one to one Pooja with the God and then sit for my contributions to news paper comments and contents and if time permits I would go for the ISC contributions also. At 6 am in the morning myself and wife would go for walking in our colony garden and since none would be there on the road, the atmosphere would be clean and fresh oxygen can be expected from the morning breeze touching our feelings of gentleness and thus we get vibrant through brisk walking, cool breeze and above all the nature is getting ready for the show down of the day as the Sun peeps through the two high rise buildings and the birds start flying towards the pray and food and thus the whole day has began with right earnest.
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    There are many advantages of early rising in the morning but one has to see that his sleep is not disturbed. Why I am telling this is because many of us are habitual of going to bed late and many of us I believe go to sleep only around 12 or 1 in the night. In that case getting early will not be a practical reality and for such people even if they get up around 8 AM, it is alright. They can start their day at 8. Even at 8 AM, one can appreciate the beauty of outdoors and can go out for a walk in the mild sun rays and things like that. Though he will lose the benefits of the early morning as mentioned in our Ayurvedic scriptures but in my opinion early morning rising on the cost of ones sleep would not be an advisable proposition. A person requires at least a sleep for 7 hours if not 8.
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    Getting up early morning is good for health. Take a walk on a depeopled road. No traffic, no crowd but a few morning joggers. Morning Breeze sounds to give amazing feeling of freshness. If you are amidst bunch of trees or rambling in orchard or jogging along with river or climbing upon the mountain/hill it renders a feeling of aloofness from the pell-mell of the world.

    The author has pointed out that it's good to wake up without any alarm or wake up call. I don't know if it is based on any scientific theory or valid logic. If someone wants to wake up on time because he has any important assignment then he should sleep on time too. Alarm or wake up call is used to get up on time for any specific reason.

    Normally, if we start sleeping on time every night our eyes open on time in morning. Some people are almost crazy for spending their time in accordance with their self made time table. They are like machine which does not violate given instructions. It wonders me how disciplined they are. How a person can keep following his own rules with so much dedication. But these people can give better results. They keep on working while others are asleep or lethargic in their dream.

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    Early morning is a time of meditation and spiritual attainments. Our sages and scholars believed that one should get up early in the morning and that also much before the sunrise because that is the time of perfect calm and tranquility.
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