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    Plant a tree every year

    Month of November is going on and warm clothes are still in the trunk. Only a bit cold is felt at night. I still remember my childhood days when we would start wearing sweater from September onwards. What a big change in climate ! In recent years a new term is being heard- Gobal Warming. Even the cold regions are getting warm. Timings of snowfall has changed. Whole of the environment is changing across the globe. Environmentalists and scientists are worried . They disclose its reasons and one of them is deforestation which is considered as a vital and prominent factor.
    Green trees are being cut illegally to pave the way for creating the concrete jungle. Habitats of animals are being dislodged. A chaos being created. All this is affecting our lives too. In this situation, what we can do. One thought comes in my mind that we should start plant at least a tree every year. If all of us are determined to take part in this effort it may change into a movement.
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    Yesterday the same issue I was discussing with my wife. Warm clothing is not being used in Hyderabad almost for the last four years even in the nights. So far we are not feeling the winter. Day time temperatures are still high. No cold in the nights also. Probably this year also we may not require warm clothes to be taken out from the wardrobes. The temperatures are increasing from year to year. This year in Hyderabad there were good rains. But after those rains, the temperatures are increased. This may be mainly due to deforestation. Many trees are being cut in the process of urbanisation.
    As suggested by the author plantation is very important. Everybody should plan to plant at least one tree. This is will help in developing greenery. We all should make a point to plant a tree so that the density of trees will increase and it will compensate the trees which are getting cut by us.

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    The author gave a good message through his thread. I know many people who plant a tree on their birthday every year which is a really appreciative action taking by them. The tree is the axis of life, if there are no trees then the environment will also be unbalanced. We will neither get pure air nor shade. The plantation is necessary to maintain them, only then a clean environment will be available and greenery will come in the state. Whenever you get a chance, do plant saplings around you and inspire others for this. Because there are trees, an environment, and the animals is living on the earth are also safe. We have been worshiping nature since ancient times. There are many festivals in which trees are worshiped. There is scientific thinking behind this. People living with nature knew that life is possible as long as there is harmony with nature.
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    I met one family of four persons and their great habit and trait is to plant trees on their every birthday of the family members and each have their own trees being maintained so far and it gives them lots of pride and passion to nurture the plants to the tree level and if is flower bearing or fruit bearing plants, then the joy would be double if the results are superlative with good yield. They are planting the sapling on the birthday of every member and thus the whole roof top their home is having wonderful collections of herbal trees, shrubs, vegetable plants and flower bearing plants. They will not allow anyone to pluck the flowers though they would use the vegetables and even share with others. Such good habit of spending time and money for planting trees on every birthday would increase the greenery around us for good oxygen.
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    A very good thought by the author and incidentally we are doing it in our nearby areas on a regular basis. We are a group of senior citizen here who for passing their time in a constructive way have taken up some such work in a nearby big playground cum park where we have planted a number of trees. It is a great pleasure to see those trees growing and some of them are now tall enough to provide shade in the summer time.
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    Very good thread by the author. It is need of the hour, and if we do not take this seriously then surely the days of doom are nearer than expected. Yes, we are killing our Mother Earth every day but if we do get conscious about this then we may be able to save it to an extent. I always say that we need this planet, this planet does not need us, it will thrive without us.
    I do my bit and with help of other society members, we have planted trees behind our society gate and have adopted the trees to take care of them. We are planning the same at other places and adopting them and asking people to do the same. Just planting trees won't help, we need to take care of them too, so we can add this to our responsibility, to plant and adopt and see it blossom in the future, as we do for our kids.

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    A nice post by the author. We should do some contribution for the environment from which we are getting so many things for making our lives comfortable. Preserving the environment is a very important matter and we all are responsible for it as the habitant of this planet. Trees are the source of life for us. They make our environment liveable. We must contribute to nature by planting trees as many as possible.
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    It is a very good idea that we plant a sapling every year and take care of it. Do you think we can achieve it ? In reality it is difficult as most of the people live in urban cities where land is limited and due to thick population trees are cut down for double roads by the government itself. Do you have space to plant, if you are residing in an apartment or a rented house? You can only opt for terrace gardening if yoi have your own house and the limited area in front of your house with minimum trees.
    Space is an important aspect which restricts most of us to plant saplings. So in city limits we can opt for more shrubs and plants rather than trees. If space permits we can grow long trees with less branches. Flowering plants and hybrid plants are being researched by most of the nurseries picking up heavy demand. Collect the plants and care for it. Bonsai is also an example in this context. These are the ways we can take care of our environment.

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