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    Innate propensity doesn't change

    A low level private tuitor was going on foot with his collegue. They passed by a factory of Ambani. The tuitor said to his collegue,"If I were Ambani I would earn Rs 2000 more than him" His colleague asked ,"How ?' He replied," Would I not do a home tuition."

    This is simply a joke but it indicates that innate proclivity always bounces back. It can never be eliminated.

    I often see people who come from a particular section of society represents particular mentality despite being among elite group ,sooner or later, display their innate tendency cherished for ages in them.
    I clarify it with an example which I have observed myself. A section of society in which most of the people are uneducated and ignorant. They often quarrel each other, use abusive language for each other while quarreling. This quarreling or abusing is a normal thing for them. If any boy who has been raised in this ambience gets education and as a result gets a good job too.
    Obviously, education brings a big change In him. He apparently looks well-mannered but if he comes across a situation when he is involved in quarreling then his innate propensity of quarreling and abusing which he learnt and experienced since he had opened his eyes would explode.

    However, I don't generalize it.
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    True. We will have the inclination to see everything with the experience we have and with the knowledge we have. Generally, many teachers will earn some additional money by taking tuitions in the evenings or mornings. So a teacher will always have the inclination to think about earning though taking tuitions.
    A dog will have the inclination to smell everything as it will identify by smelling the article. It is its Innate propensity. What habits we make during our youth while observing our family members or friends will not go easily. We will easily get inclined to those as and when we get a chance. I think it is a normal phenomenon in many people.

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    The innate propensity does not change even though the change of work, change of thoughts were on cards. Those who are habituated to particular work in the past and had tremendous working experience they would not forget their past habits and actions and they keep on saying to others and keep on repeating what they said earlier. The innate propensity is the right of every Individual and we cannot question them. Whether we like or not people are going to behave the way they want and does not change for the sake of it and therefore we have to ignore such people who repeat their old habits now and then.
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    Habitual inclinations or properties acquired during the upbringing remain for the life time and emerge out at some times as nicely narrated by the author in this post. That is why it is necessary to make the changes in the upbringing of the larger part of the society which is still struggling for a two times meals in this world. They are also the citizens of this planet and they are deprived of their basic requirements and then when they grow up they become a threat to the same society from where they have evolved. So, we are not safe and secure till all the downtrodden sections of the societies are brought up to a minimum level of survival where bad traits are not picked up by them during their upbringing. A herculean task to do but world Govt have to think on these line seriously and sincerely if we want to make the world a happy place to live.
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    Our habits or things which are sitting deeply in our mind come out any time involuntarily also. We are doing it without thinking. Our expressions will be totally tinged with those inner firm possessions. It is not in our control to check it.
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    The tendency to learn and understand the right things from the beginning inculcates better things. A child becomes what he is taught in childhood. If a child is taught the right thing he will become a good person by if he is stuck in a bad company he may turn into an unruly and idiot.
    A child who doesn't get any education, stay away from good things in society and indulges in irrational and obscure things would only be boisterous and rebellious. One becomes good or bad only what he is instructed. It is important to pay heed towards young guys and polish them for better understanding.

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