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    Free Vaccine to 30 crore people of India in February 2021

    ' Covaxin' a vaccine for COVId 19 by Bharat Biotech is going to be released in February 2021. The Indian government is planning to supply this vaccine to 30 crore people in the same moth. The vaccine will be available free of cost. The Central government of India is in the process of finalising the vaccine delivery system. They are in identifying the priority groups to whom the vaccine will be administered in the first phase at no cost.
    Till now 4 categories are identified
    1. One crore healthcare professionals including MBBS students also.
    2. Two crore frontline workers including municipal corporation workers, police personnel and personnel belonging to armed forces.
    3. Twenty-six crore people aged above 50 years from the nation as they have a high risk of getting infected.
    4. One crore special category including people who are below 50 but with co-morbidities.
    It is good to note that we are going to get the vaccine by February and the government has set up a task force to streamline the vaccination drive
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    Good that the vaccine find is taking shape and we are getting new hopes our own vaccine being administered from next year February 2021. Apart from the doctors, health workers and seniors above the age of 50 are going to get the free vaccination done for Covid 19. It is the big task to identify the specified groups like doctors, MBBS students, seniors of above 50 age. What I suspect that like the demonetization period when the wealthy and strong people got hold of the notes without standing in the queue the same way the politicians would hijack the first doses of 30 crores being planned and the real beneficiaries would be left over. Each state should have fool proof plan and identify the professionals and the vaccine distribution should be done through the Military help so that civilians would behave in front of them.
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    This is a very informative and useful post. The vaccine administration at such a large scale will definitely be a commendable thing and we hope that the implementation will be as per the guidelines. This supply of vaccine in February 2021 will be a big solace to the people as many of us are not moving out freely due to the impending danger and threat of the Covid-19 virus. I wish the Govt all success in this big task.
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    Good news to appreciate. The distribution to the persons prioritized need to be supervised. Because the non prioritized public will try to get it from the backdoor. Doesn't matter. We have learned to live with Covid=19 for the last 10 months. All can wait and take the vaccine when their turn comes.
    As rightly pointed out by a member, politicians should not play foul with vaccine distribution.

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    It is good to note that the government has changed its mind from giving it only to the state where they have elections to everyone in the country. The election manifesto of BJP had it mentioned that they will be giving COVID19 vaccine for free if they win the election in Bihar to its people but when people around the country reciprocated, they have changed it and have made it free for everyone and in phases as mentioned. Let everyone get their priority and make our country COVID free so that we can rise again and change the condition for a better living. Let other people wait for their turn and let the priority groups as mentioned or identified given first preference and administered in the first phase.
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    I appreciate the government for providing free vaccine to 30 crore people. I hope remainingb100 crore will not be deprived of it after this first phase of vaccine distribution.

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    It is indeed a good news that we can expect atleast by February but how will the distribution process be carried out? this has to be taken care carefully in a systematic way as everyone will be on the urge to get it. The demand should not overwhelm the distribution system. Patience is the key goal which has to be kept in mind during the distribution process.
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