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    Should we use latest techonology to recover Covid loses?

    There has been tremendous loss for the Individual, society, Industries, farmers and the governments at large. Whom ever we speak, they talk about loses, belated payments. payments not forthcoming and lost hopes on debts. Can all these be mitigated through the latest technologies put in use to recover such loses which cannot be regained by ordinary methods as the employees have left the job and companies yet to come out of great shock and loses. What is your suggestion and how to cope up the pandemic loses for all of us and the whole country?
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    It will take time to recover completely from the losses due to COVID19. Normal conditions in societies have to come back. This will happen only when the vaccine is made available in the market and all the people should get the vaccine administered. Then only all the businesses will open up and people will start working at their full capacity. Then only we can expect some improvement in the economy. The people who lost jobs should get back their jobs and then only the purchasing capacity of the people will come back.
    In this process how technology will help is to be seen. The main task of the technologists is to see that the vaccine will be ready. Now we all know that the vaccine is ready. After that in improving the economy, how this technology will be useful is to be studied by the technologists and should come out if any window is there to open for that.

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    In modern life, we are surrounded by technology. It's integral to everything we do, big or small. We can find examples of technology in our homes and personal spaces, in industry, in business, and in the medical profession.
    Technology is the way we apply scientific knowledge for practical purposes. It includes machines (like computers) but also techniques and processes (like the way we produce computer chips). It might seem like all technology is only electronic, but that's just most modern technology.
    How the technology as the author has suggested can help the common people or the country as whole to recuperate the loss which has been incurred upon. I think the author has better idea to explain the role of technology in this regard.

    Obviously, everyone has been badly affected by this pandemic. People have lost jobs. Business have collapsed. Small scale industries have stopped functioning. Joblessness creates more new problems. Incidents of theft, snatching gadgets and plundering have increased. Other crime rate has gone up. When crimes increase it create the feeling of vulnerability among masses. They fear going out . Lately, it is being Delhi incidents of committing have increased. Many of the people of Delhi are of opinion that some of these anti social elements are involved in committing theft because of joblessness.

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    Technology will definitely help in fast recovery of industrial output as well as employment will also look up but technology can alone of no use. There are many factors which will be contributing towards the recovery phase. Early availability of vaccine is one major force for accelerating the process of recovery. Then the people who have become unemployed in this phase are to be inducted back as most of them are the experienced people and can contribute well during the revamping of industrial operation. Let us hope that with united efforts we will be back to the old glory soon.
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