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    The first mission by ISRO in 2020 is successful

    The activities of ISRO are also slowed down due to COVID19 like in all other areas. Generally. ISRO will be launching satellites at least once in two months. This is what we observed during the last 5 to 6 years. In this process, they are earning good revenue also.

    But in 2020 they couldn't do any launching till this month. ISRO launched the 51st mission of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) today only. It is the first mission in 2020. The launch was carried out from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. This vehicle launched 10 satellites. The main satellite is EOS-01 which will provide agriculture, forestry and disaster management support. In addition to this another 9 satellites one from Lithuania, four from Luxembourg and four from the USA are also launched.

    The launch is successful and I congratulate ISRO for this achievement. I hope all the members join me in congratulating ISRO.
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    The pandemic has bothered everyone of us and even our famed space organization ISRO which could not operate or send any satellite this year till now. But today they could successfully send EOS 01 series satellite which would hugely benefit mapping for agriculture, forest and disaster management. ISRO has the capability of earning through its space missions leased out to others and today it also sent satellites belonging to other countries and thus paved way for commercial earnings through satellite launches. For India the new launch would hugely help the farmers as they could before hand plan the climatic change and moves and how the rainfall would behave and in which state. Likewise our rural forestry can be taken care off and report any wild fire across the country. And the disaster Management would be more secured and well informed in future.
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    It is nice that ISRO is coming back to its earlier momentum which was hampered due to the ongoing pandemic. ISRO is our most prestigious organisation and doing commendable jobs in the space research and India has to maintain it because the progress of a nation is measured from various angles where space research is one of them. I wish all the best to ISRO in its coming space missions.
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    Because of the hard work of our space organisation ISRO, India had gone up in the space research ladder in the world. Due to Covid problem the activity of ISRO was subdued for some time but now they have again regained their activity level and have started doing good work.
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