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    Learning English language

    The English language is very easy rather than one is interested.

    Children or elders can learn English by reading newspapers, novels or by watching English channels also, they can try to speak in English frequently.
    In day to life also they can speak.
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    Many have the wrong notion that English the foreign language and getting fluency or hold on the language would be great task and they would fail. But is the most easiest, most understandable and most acceptable language of the world and thus English has become the International famous and there is no two opinions on that. The more we talk no matter we make mistake, we tend to develop ourselves. Tell the opposite person that you are on the learning spree of the language and ask them to correct if you make the mistake, Surely many would come to your rescue and show the help in learning the language. Always have the habit of talking with elders who are having good command over the English by virtue of their news paper reading and also practice your writing caliber because by writing you can become a great writer in future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    These days knowledge in the English language is very important as it is the international language and it is required to travel abroad and explore international opportunities. Even for the people who are trying to work from home need skill in this language as it is the language universally in use.
    There are many ways and means to improve your skill. The best way is to read newspapers and books. This will help us in improving our vocabulary. Not only reading but also understanding the language is very important. If any unknown words are there, refer the dictionary and get the meanings. Try to make one or two sentences using the new words so that you will not forget that new word.
    Watching TV channels in English knowledge is also a good way. There are many news channels where very good English is being used. Following those channels will give much hold on the language.

    always confident

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    In this technological age of today, along with technical knowledge, your way of expressing your thoughts should also be very effective, which means your communication skill should be outstanding, especially it is imperative to strengthen your grip on the English language. In today's world, communication language has been made on the English seat, and the work that is done everywhere is on the computer, because of that, English has become very important, so if you have to go to work anywhere, then you English If you want to work as an excellent medium, then you can also connect with other countries, so if you ask him more and more work keeps coming in India if you want to progress very quickly, Hindi is not like That is necessary, the rest will perfectly help you to move forward in your life.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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