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    Nature's gift in different way

    We many of us believe that the God is existing and in many forms He proved His existence. He helped some through other humans, In the form of nature He give crops, fruits, vegetables, water through rain, light and heat through sun etc.
    Amidst these the nature gives us some different items which are very wonderful to see and enjoy.
    We can see group of birds, block of animals etc.
    In places some vegetables are grown in abnormal size to exclaim. Similarly a crop of maize (corn) has its ripe one as a woman. Picture can be seen as attached. This has been taken from vadakadu area of Pudukkottai of Tamilnadu.
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    Nature give us the chance to appreciate and enjoy the various traits it possess but unfortunately the human beings are not finding time with nature and discarding beautiful moments and locales which need to be visited and applauded. The author has shared the wonderful image of a maize farm which looks like the back side posture of a women standing in the farm. That was fantastic observation from the photographer who spotted this rare gesture of nature which gives us deep insight of thought process and thanks to him as he shared the same to the world through the press and we have enjoyed it. There is a tree in Secunderbad cantonment in which the trunk resembles like Lord Ganesha and even prayers are done at the place. We should closely watch such images and that could be well regarded.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We can see many signs of greatness of the Creator of this universe in our body, a few are mentioned as hereunder:

    A single human brain can process work equivalent to that of 4.5 million transistors on a modern microprocessor.

    About 10 billion cells in the brain have about 120 trillion connections.

    There are about 100 trillion cells in the human body. Some of these cells are so tiny that even 1 million of them together hardly cover a space as large as the pointed end of a pin.

    The heart connects the 100 trillions cells in the human body one by one.

    Every minute 200 million cells in our bodies are produced to replace dead cells.

    The DNA of a single cell contains the design of 206 bones, 600 muscles, a network of 10,000 auditory muscles, a network of 2 million optic nerves, 100 billion nerve cells, and 100 trillion cells in the body.

    The heart beats approximately 100,000 times a day.

    Our heart pumps about 43,000 liters of blood per day.

    The human kidneys filter about 140 liters of blood every day through one million small filtering units.

    A normal human body has about 5 billion capillaries whose total length, if stretched out, is about 950 kilometers.

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    Nature is God's gift. We get vegetables, fruits, water, air and other foods from nature. If there is no water we can't survive. If there is no air we can't survive. We take oxygen and leave carbon dioxide. If there are no trees fresh oxygen will not be available and no takers of carbon dioxide. So trees are important. These trees are also a part of nature.
    Who created this nature which is very specific to our planet earth? Supernatural power and we may call the same as God. We all should be thankful to Him for his creation. We say science is developing and we are doing many wonders. But we don't understand the science behind in the creation of this universe. Why we can't go see that we can create nature on the moon or mars. There we feel the greatness of this supernatural power's calibre.
    A computer which is equivalent to the human brain can't be made by a human being irrespective of the developments they are bringing in.

    always confident

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