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    A good content does not necessarily mean a good traffic to it

    Internet is like an ocean where a large content is available pertaining to each and every topic or subject. So, when a person searches for some data or information he gets many choices and many times the search engines give him this on the first page of the search result itself, of course, based on not only the content alone but other factors like SEO and other techniques for attracting traffic. There are many sites where contents are of comparable levels but traffic is entirely different. It is only the top level or extraordinary content that attracts a large traffic and benefits both the owner and the author of the content. Just having a good content will not help. Let me cite an example regarding this. Suppose there is a topic - 'How to lead a happy life?'. Let us assume that there are 4000 articles in the internet regarding this topic in various sites. Statistically, only a few articles, say 500, will be the outstanding ones and will be attracting traffic wherever they are. Out of the remaining 3500 articles, about 2500 will be of low quality as they are published in the sites where there is no moderation or review and they are published just like that. The balance 1000 will be of good quality and will attract some traffic which may not be good enough to generate a significant revenue. So, simply having good content is not sufficient, we have to strive hard for the extra ordinary ones. What do the members opine?
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    The internet is indeed an ocean where we can get a lot of information on the same topic. While searching on any topic the search engine shows us those articles on the first page that attracts good traffic. The articles which are listed latter attract less traffic and so on. There are many factors working here. One is the content, the other is how many people looked into that particular content, another is the use of keywords, etc. It can always happen that because of the use of keywords some articles feature on top of the list and some much lower. To publish an article online is relatively easy than getting enough viewership for that post. A lot of techniques are there and if we can follow the techniques correctly along with good content then the chance of getting more viewers increases. The content is always very important but not the only thing to get enough traffic. So, as the author said, we may find many good contents but due to lack of technicalities, they cannot get enough readers/viewers.

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    Nice observation made by the author. A good content will not necessarily bring good traffic in internet. There are writers who are updating their content often and thus placing their writing on the top of the search engine list. There has been virtual competition as to which article would be seen more on the first page and those who update their articles or make additions to existing articles have chance to get to more reading . And our ISC articles are topic based and fixed ideas and content writing and sharing is done and the authors does not bother to include and make updates also. Moreover when the articles are responded with reviews, there are chances that even our articles would be on the top of the search engine list but many a times even good articles of ISC were not responded and reviewed by other members.
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    These days information is available plenty to all of us. This happened due to the internet and we can get a lot of information on the topic we require. But in that search, there is no guarantee that the best content is getting displayed. There are many reasons for that. The keywords we used for our search may not be the same as that what the author used. If our work wanted to get appear in these searches Search Engine optimisation is very important. Another issue is that the first page items in the search may be seen with more interest. So even though we make good content about how we make it SEO is very important. Those issues will play a lot of important roles.
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    There is too much competition in internet and it is very true that only high quality content will be able to attract good traffic and ultimately the traffic is the crucial factor for revenue generation through advertisements. Most of the sites earn from that only. It is also correct that mediocre content would not be much useful in revenue generation. So the only way is to improve the quality of content.
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    An extra ordinary content should have certain criterias which has to be achieved. If we can be guided by our editors or senior members on similar lines, I am sure the goal will be achieved. It is a team work and cannot be expected by one person but once started can lead us to great heights, if it is followed up regularly and adopted in tits and bits.
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    This matter( how to bring traffic) is still beyond my comprehension. But our site ISC thrives on the adsense and other similar revenues. Hence it needs traffic. So the WMs and editorial team devise various measures to being contents that attract traffic. The combined traffic would be giving cumulative benefit to the site, which in turn, helps members to get cash credits. This is the ground reality.

    But personally I do not have any expertise in the matter and hence I do not get ad sense revenue except for some very few pennies here and there at long intervals. I am not posting in article section is also a reason.

    So it all boils down that we should post 'popular' contents. I am seeing that fortunately we have/had many such members who had the known such SEO techniques. Their contributions help themselves and ISC too.

    I have many times mentioned that as I do not have the technical knowledge and the smart knowledge to post such 'popular' content and style, I usually participate in contests announced by ISC. These contest, I feel are devised in a way to enhance traffic to the content and site.

    I am at a loss s to why the author has selected to post a thread now on this matter. I am under the impression that the author knows to bring out content that gets good traffic

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    The reverse is also true. Huge traffic does not necessarily imply extraordinary content or that some good keywords were used. It is possible that the topic chosen was something unique in itself and something that is often asked about through a search engine. So it gets ranked higher, even on the first page of the search engine, thereby bringing in a lot of traffic. The content itself may be something mediocre, run-of-the-mill kind.

    Even after many years of writing, I, too, am often puzzled why a particular article got traffic while another did not; not to mention scratching my head as to why what I consider quality content at my blog is fetching fairly good traffic but zero earnings! I just sigh in disappointment but continue to put up something once in a while due to the sheer joy I get from blog writing and I'm excited when I see through the Stats that there are page views for some of the posts.

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    Yes this is possible to increase the rate of success for ranking if you understand the getting right keyword which has less competition.

    If you know that certain keyword is less competitive than chances of ranking for those may be more. Hence with less quality content may also get traffic.

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