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    Belongingness to work would fetch higher productivity

    Most of us are either under employed or just employed but not the rightly employed. That means if the job is not satisfying and and not commensurate with the qualification we feel like under employed and our potential not fully explored. And if we get the right employment, naturally our liking to the job would be accepted with belonging and that trait would prove beneficial for higher productivity as we work with result oriented and more dedication moves much to the self satisfaction and the organization for whom we work.
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    When we feel that completing our work is our responsibility, we may feel it to complete somehow. But if we take pleasure in doing the work, we will do the work happily and we take pride in completing the work. If we feel that we are working for somebody else we can't take the work happily. But once we feel that it is our work we will take it as a challenge to complete the work and do it perfectly.
    When we feel that we will get profit only if we run our business successfully, we will work for the success of the business. But if we feel we have to get our salary we will try to complete our defined works and rest we leave it. But there may be some employees who think that the organisation is theirs as long as they are in that organization. Such people will feel that belongingness and sincerely try for the success of the business of the organisation and such people will flourish better in that organisation.

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    A worker can give good output and can show a good productivity only when he is having interest and liking for his work. This is a known fact in management circles. The belongingness comes only when interest is there.
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    If an employee is not satisfied in any company he can seek any other good job which may satisfy him. Nobody can stop him resigning from his post. But as long as he is working as an employee in any company he should dedictate himself to his work and carry out his responsibilities honestly.

    It's a fact if someone is not satisfied to his job he will not enjoy working environment. Such a person should keep on trying to find any other good job. Till then he should keep on doing his work without showing any laxity and should abstain from showing indifference towards his duty. He should leave the company as a good employee. If he displeases his seniors and higher authorities for being lax in performing his duty, it may give a negative impact on future employer too.

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    We need to be passionate about the work entrusted to us. If we are not passionate, it is better than we look for another job and jump to it without disturbing our regular commitments. When we put our soul into the job, then it will turn out into flying colours making our goals simplified and success falls on our footsteps. We can complete the assigned tasks quickly, forsee the results too setting examples to other employees. Our education may not commensurate with our job, still there will liveliness visible if we are passionate and the productivity will also increase. Opt for the job which you have interest rather than a job providing more perks and salary.
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