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    A healthy breakfast powers you for the day

    After getting up in the morning, breakfast reboots and rejuvenates our stomach for the day. Breakfast should be healthy and balanced. We should avoid junk foods and choose some quality breakfast. I feel buttermilk, a glass of water, and usual India breakfast would be fine to begin the day.
    Some like an omelette in the morning with milk which is also fine and healthy breakfast. Besides this, a steaming cup of tea is also part of breakfast. Some like to take coffee, few like to sip other drinks while others take pink tea with a pinch of salt in it.

    People have different cultures and traditions and accordingly take their breakfast. But the best would take healthy breakfast to begin the day. I have relished different breakfast in different states of India. South have a little different than the north Indians. I liked both south and north India breakfast. But healthy breakfast should be our priority to begin the day. Suggest the best breakfast that you feel is healthy and should take in breakfast.
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    One should never avoid having breakfast. It is always better to have a good breakfast. Oily food should not be consumed as breakfast. As mentioned by the author there are many items that are being consumed in breakfast. If we stay in a star hotel when we are on a tour, the hotel may provide you complimentary breakfast. They will provide you with a number of items that include fruits, biscuits, bread items and other items. We can't easily decide on the items we can take.
    My preference for breakfast is Idly and one fruit and one cup of coffee or tea. If idly is not available I will go for some dosa item. In South India, many people go for idly and dosa as the main item in breakfast. The popular saying take breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince and have dinner like a pauper. This saying will make us understand the importance of breakfast.

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    It is true that noway the breakfast should be missed by anyone. But in some people's case the situation is not permitting to have breakfast. I started my career in my 22nd year but my first job itself at a distance of 15 kilo meters from house and as I have to start by 5.00 Am I could not have my breakfast. Like this I spent four years and then I have to start by 6.30 am for my second job then also I could not have my breakfast as I spent more hours in travel.
    In some houses, I am seeing many school children, though afford, parents neglected to give breakfast to the children in time.
    I have read in one paper that a teacher of Government school of North Chennai, found that some children are coming to school without breakfast. He, with the consent of Headmaster, prepared breakfast from his house at his own money, offered to the children who come to school without eating breakfast.

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    Since we eat the dinner between 8 pm and 10 pm the breakfast should be between 8 am and 10 am. That means we have already given 12 hours time for the overnight food to get digested and now the stomach is empty and graving for the food. In South I have seen people eating Idli, dosa, puri or upma by 6.30 am and many eateries in Chennai start preparing food items early in the morning. Sometimes I felt how people could eat breakfast to much early in the morning but later I found that they would be fit enough till the noon 2 pm when the lunch time arise. So good breakfast gives great energy in the morning.
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    Medical experts and health consultants generally advise for a sumptuous breakfast in the morning time and then start ones routine working life. Subsequently meals can be taken periodically to feed the body time to time but the importance of breakfast is very much there. Long back, I remember in our village people did not take tea just like that in the morning. They took a chapati or some other little meal item with it. They actually told that tea would harm if taken in the empty stomach. I do not know the exact reason for that but they had an awareness that they had to take something in the morning before starting their day. So I also picked up taking something with tea in the morning and still today I am having a habit of taking a biscuit or thing like that with tea though other family members take it as a matter of surprise.
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    The author has rightly said, breakfast is very important for our health. Those who do not have breakfast eat too much during the day, which is not good. Most people work hard during the day and whatever they have eaten for breakfast is what gives their body energy during this time. After waking up for eight to nine hours of sleep, the stomach is empty when waking up in the morning. It has been a long time eating food. In such a situation, staying empty stomach for a long time causes many problems. That is why breakfast in the morning becomes very important. The day starts with breakfast and it is very important to have a perfect combination of breakfast. In Indian families, breakfast is seen negligently, most people do not take breakfast in a hurry to work or eat only two meals, which is a wrong practice.
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    As per advice of the medical experts, the morning breakfast should be heavy containing major nutrients followed by your tea. However, care has to be taken to avoid junk foods such as mixture, pooris and other oily material. Ingestion of such items would be some sort of taxing of our stomach since that may affect digestion process. Moreover lack of nutrients especially Protien, minerals and healthy fat may lead to depletion of essential component needed to our body. Unhealthy breakfast in the long run would spoil our own system. Hence we need to change the style with the inclusion of healthy items such as Idlis, oats followed by milk, some fruits such as bananas, Apples etc. If nuts like Almond, Cashews, Raisin in moderate amount are included in the breakfast, it will provide the essential vitamins and minerals.
    If such a breakfast is followed, it will definitely strengthen immunity.

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    Many people don't take morning breakfast either due to lack of time or not available. But, morning breakfast is necessary for a healthy body. It keeps our body energetic for a long time. Breakfast should be full of healthy food items. We should avoid oily food item in breakfast as it may create a different health problem. Health expert advises healthy breakfast as after 9 or 10 hours long gap body need energy giving food. So, we should take the right food at right time.

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