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    Myntra website changes price like vegetable market.

    Do you shop online for clothes and accessories? I do happen to buy some clothes from Myntra and have found a very odd practice which this site follows from my past experience. If you happen to select a dress and don't buy it immediately and come back to buy it later in the day or the next day, the price of that dress or garment is sure to change and the change will always be upwards and never downwards.

    They have a mechanism of fooling cheating potential customers. They track your preference and if they see that you are interested in something then you will pay the price even if increased. They change the price only of those products which you view and shortlist and not others. Even prices of vegetables remain somewhat constant for a few days but the way this site operates is very dicey.

    I think this is clearly a case of misusing technology and cheating customers. Has anyone also noticed this?
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    Not only the company you have quoted, but also other major online shopping agents. Last year, I bought a saree online. Its price was only Rs.275/, - Today the same saree is costing Rs. 370, 479 and 599 with different companies.
    Today I bought a kitchen appliance Pineapple Corer Cutter Knife from Paytm stores for Rs. 179/-. The same is costing Rs. 299/- at Amazon.

    Online shopping agents are looting the middle class people who are online purchasers.

    We need to study the market and compare the prices well before we order any item.

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    This has become a common practice on many online shopping portals. Rates will be getting changed very frequently. I don't remember the name of the site. My don purchased a T-shirt which was very good and I thought I will also purchase the same and I asked my son to purchase the same for me. Just in a matter of two days, the rate was increased and almost it is double the price. Then I asked my son not to order for the same. Make hay while the sun shines. This may be the policy of business people. Even in normal shops also when there is a demand for a certain product the shop owner will increase the price.
    Recently one new farmer started an online app for vegetable marketing and he was giving fresh vegetable at a lower price. Many people liked the material and started ordering online. They noticed this and slowly they started increasing the prices and the quality of the material is also not like earlier days.

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    The author has rightly said that many online shopping companies are changing their prize frequently. One reason for this can be considered as a festival, but these days there is a lot of fluctuation in the price as well. At present, most of the online shopping is being done by the people, the past few months that due to lockdown, etc., which has been a big reason for shops are not having a fair amount of variety and people are considering online shopping safer. Somewhere, companies are making their profits from such a fluctuation as well.
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    I think Myntra is working like website booking agencies, that when you look for the domain name, suddenly the names would disappear and if you seek for the same domain the charges would be hiked. The same way Myntra is doing the hike of products which we have chosen but not booked earlier. That means they are playing with the customers and choices and punishing those who are not taking firm decision in first count. Very bad practice and we should discontinue such autocratic attitude of Myntra and they should be taught the lesson. I have also heard that what we chose is not sent and they would send the nearest color or size and that would be eventually returned. That way they are buying the time to get the real product and this kind of cheating business should not encouraged at all and the customers have the key now.
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    On line shopping companies are very much vigilant of the attitude of the customers, if there is sudden surge of the customers for some products, they would revise the price upward to rake excess profit. They are not to serve the customers with any reasonable price. These shopping companies would like to nerve the customers and accordingly the prices are maintained. If they see the consistent demand of some products, they would not hesitate in revising upwards in the online system. The best way is to visit different websites to know the variations in relation to price of a product and accordingly the purchase is to be decided.

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    What I know is that Myntra is owned by Flipkart and Walmart has controlling share in Flipkart. So, in a nutshell it's a foreign company making a killing in the Indian market.
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