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    Utilizing chances in the lockdown period wisely

    I read in a weekly magazine which impressed me well. An unemployed youth once asked by a known person whether he could do the cleaning work of fan, windows etc., in his house. This person also agreed and on completion he was paid with some cash. This inducted him and with the introduction of that person he took cleaning job in all houses. He took this as his regular job in around of his village and he made himself as self employed.
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    When someone has no job, when he has no job he has no money, when he has no money he can't survive, what he can do expect some menial jobs like cleaning homes of people as the author has mentioned in this thread. Especially, when a well qualified youth does this kind of menial work because of his joblessness depicts how big problem of unemployment our youth is facing . It's not a good sign for a healthy society. Educated youth wants jobs or at least , facilities to be a good entrepreneur. As a result he will be able to create job opportunities for other unemployed young people too.

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    Now is the time to undertake any job despite of being overqualified since the job opportunities matching one's qualification is rather difficult. Even the jobs in the purely government organisations and public undertakings are limited and there is no hope of getting the same. In the pandemic situation, even in the MNC they don't display the advertisement of recruitments. So one should shed the feeling of their over qualification and should explore all possibilities where one can gainfully be absorbed. Even the cleaning jobs can be attended if one is called for the same. Now is the time to be positive and without minding ones status, one should undertake the jobs as per one's efficiency so that one is rewarded with some remuneration for the service rendered.

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    True. the dignity of labour is very important. Like the job, you are doing and do it with dedication. Then you will flourish. Sometimes we may not get the job what we like. But Job is essential. In such conditions, we should start liking the work whatever we do. Many people lost their jobs during the lockdown. Survival has become a big issue. So people opted for the available jobs.
    In Hyderabad, during those days many qualified people who lost their jobs went for daily wage jobs and survived. There is no alternative for them. One of my friend in Hyderabad was having a firm where they undertake contracts of housekeeping in industries and offices. He is flourishing in that profession and making good profits. He is employing many people and giving them good salaries. There are many chances for people to become entrepreneurs if they have a wish.

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    This piece of information from the author indicates that people are ready to done any thing to get the money as they lost the jobs and have to cope up. One of the teacher who lost the job has leased out the land and going for organic farming and she is now giving good vegetables at reasonable rates and earning triple time of her salary when she was teacher and yet it is her business. She is taking the help of her son and both are doing the vegetable business by giving door delivery to target customers. She created whatsapp group and lists out the vegetable available and the price so that the customers can order before hand and the delivery is done by evenings. Now she has become more famous and she is more happy standing on own. My appreciation for the creative thinking as one should not shy for earning the money.
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    Self employment is not a matter of shame. It is a matter of pride. Unfortunately we do not teach it to our children and they do not like to do any menial work at any cost. Today the employment situation is very very bad and there are no jobs in sight. Whatever a few there are, they are only for the top scoring and meritorious students. In this situation it makes sense that one should try to create a self searched job and try to employ oneself. The example cited by the author is exemplary and people should learn from it. The dignity of labour is to be understood by all of us.
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