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    How appropriate is the coalition government for the state and the country?

    Consent and cooperation are the essential factors of coalition governance. Some coalitions take place before the election, some are aimed at gaining power after the election. If there is an alliance between the parties before the elections, then there is no difficulty in understanding each other, making similar programs, and running the government. If the constituent parties in the coalition government are aware of their limitations and if they follow the political culture of the coalition, then it would not be very difficult to make decisions. The leader of the coalition government needs special qualities. It has to govern with the cooperation and consent keeping in mind the views and policy of the constituents. If It is obstinate then the work cannot be done.

    But does the coalition government prove to be right in the development of the people and the progress of the country?
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    In my opinion, the coalition government may not perform well and to its full capacity. The man in the top and who has to take care of the country will be spending most of his time in keeping the relations friendly with the partners. He can't devote much of his time for good governance and development. His continuing in the office will depend more on the coalition partner. We have seen the government of PV Narasimha Rao who has to manage the friends for proving his majority also. But because of his shrewdness, he did a good job. We have seen the fate of Deva Gowda and Charan Singh we can't sustain for long in their positions.
    In the present Loksabha, BJP is having the full majority even though there are ministers from their friendly parties, They need not worry about their majority. But in Rajya Sabha, they may require the support of other friendly parties.

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    Coalition government is the outcome of pre-poll or post-poll alliance of different political parties. This alliance is formed when it's understood that no single party can get enough number of seats to rule the state or centre (for which this alliance has been made). But whole of the game is to gain power.

    Politics is a dirty game where horse trading is not considered as a bad practice. It is seen that Elected representatives can change their party shamelessly for the sake of money and power. People who voted for him because he was the candidate of X party but having been elected he joined Y party for their personal gain. And in this situation people can do nothing as they have no power in their hands after election.

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    My opinion about the coalition government is fully against because, if the grouping is done before the elections and promise the things on manifesto and that would be democratically acceptable quotient. But what is happening in the recent past that the parties are opposing each other in the run up to elections and they even abuse to the low levels tarnishing the one another image. Then after the results announced the single largest party goes for support hunting and even compromising their principals and policies and even go to the extent of non agreement parties to facilitate form of govt. What we have seen in Maharastra is the great example as the so called secular parties Congress and NCP joined the hands of Communal Shiv Sena and fooled the voters after the post poll alliance and thus such coalition will not last long.
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    Coalition is a strategy to somehow keep the power within a party by taking support of others. It does not matter whether the supporting party is having differences with the party seeking support. The reason is very simple that leaders from both parties will get place in the assembly and get fat portfolios which are the main things in their minds. They generally come for power for only 5 years and if not all many of them simply make money and go and if are lucky can come back in power again with the help of that money. This is a fact which everyone knows well but we do not want to make our tongue dirty by speaking these things time and again. As corruption is rampant in the political system so coalition will work only till everyone is getting his share and if there is any dishonesty in that, coalition will fail.
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