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    Sometimes we have to walk alone to reach our destination

    Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore had said in a Bengali patriotic song, 'Ekla Chalo Re' which means you keep moving alone in your way towards your destination.

    It can be said that the one who stops his fate also stops. Stopping at any point in life means giving up hope of success before reaching the destination. Only pessimistic people do this. Continuing to get ahead in life is the key to success in any field. Therefore, we should keep moving forward while doing our work in every situation.

    Success is not a fruit planted on a tree that one climbs and plucks it. Success can be achieved only based on our hard work. Even if you have to walk alone, do so but don't stop till you get to your destination.
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    I agree with you Swati Madam. We should have to travel alone sometimes alone for reaching the destination. Who never hesitate to do this will be the winner.
    I have many examples to explain this fact. After completing my PhD, I got an offer as a teaching assistant in a private engineering college. I asked the management of that college to give in the appointment letter that I will be promoted as a lecturer after completing one year which they promised me orally. But they were not ready to put that clause in writing. Then I rejected that offer. Everyone including my Research guide and parents also was annoyed with my decision and my guide told me that what I was doing is foolish. But I walked alone and I got an offer in an Industry as a manager(lab) and I was successful in my career. After 20 years when I met my guide, he appreciated me for the bold decision I took and he told me that I did the right thing. So we know our desires and goals fully and we have to plan for it and go on implementing the plan no matter somebody supports us or not.

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    Yes, that's correct. The important thing is to reach the destination and while walking on that path there may be some obstacles. If you find someone to clear the way, it's good otherwise you have to walk alone until you reach the destination. In every situation, we require some assistance from others to complete the task. For example, if you wish to enjoy a movie and go to the theatre you need to purchase a ticket which somebody is selling at the counter. Somebody is busy projecting the movie on the screen and so on. If you purchase the ticket online, then also you have to depend on a host of services. While you are in a tough situation, your near and dear ones may come forward to help you out but there are also some situations where there is nobody and you are determined to reach the destination. That strong determination will push you to walk alone which is always beneficial. You may face some difficulties but don't lose hope. If you have set a goal you should reach there even if you do not find anybody along with you on your path.

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    The words of great Rabindranath Tagore always reminds me that Ekla Chalo ray is the fact and our last journey is alone to the destination without any companion. Though four pal bearers would accompany and the son would lit the funeral pyre, but the last journey is always the lonely and that is the fact. Even during the life all destinations cannot be reached with everyone and some has to be done alone to be successful and to reach. The thorny walk cannot be in group and that would alone. Here the thorny walk is referred to the challenging period of life to which we may not reveal to everyone else they would make fun of it and thus that kind of journey must be done alone and no companion. One thing is sure, we should start living alone so that the pain of loneliness is also known and that brings the great understanding of the challenges.
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    Truly said by the author. It is not sure that all journey will be covered with the help of someone. So, we should try to reach our destination alone. Those people who have strong determination can reach their destination. If you depend on other people then you could be a failure as many tough situations arise in life wherein near and dear one leaves them on their fate. Therefore, it is better to start the journey alone so that happiness and sorrow both would be ours.

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    For being successful in life, one needs to do hard work and strive for progress. Without hard work achieving your target is difficult. Achieving success needs consistency and indomitable will. Proper planning and the right approach are needed to achieve success.
    There can be many stumbling blocks that may hamper the progress but consistency would rejuvenate the plan for success. Problems could arise there but face them upfront to reach the target.

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    Ekla chalo re is a famous poem of R.N.Tagore. When nobody comes with you to march on right path or speak the truth etc walk alone. It's an amazing poem. I agree to what the author has said in her thread. Success is not the path of roses, it has lots of difficulties (thorns) in the way but we should not succumb to these difficulties and impediments . We can overcome them all with being steady, determined, unmoved and utterly dedicated to our target. We see many people who try to discourage us so that we should stop our journey towards our goal. But some people are helpful and supportive . They encourage us when we feel dejected because of hurdles and constraints. Come what may we should not give up, we should keep on moving , eventually we will achieve our target.

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    The fact of life is that we are always alone. Whoever seems to be with us is there for a motive or a purpose and once that purpose is complete he or she would leave us. When I say 'leave us', it does not mean physically leaving, it means from support point of view. So, thinking that people will help me and then I would progress in my life is a utopian and wishful thinking and is to be discarded at the instance it is created in our minds. Apparently, people would feel many people following them or going side by side to them but those people are not for helping to anyone and are actually busy in making their own career. No one has time to help other persons. If some are doing it then they are the divine entities. I do not see such people present everywhere. The struggle of life is to be fought alone. Yes, one can share the success with friends and relatives by having a get to gather or party which everyone enjoys and that is the only occasion where you are not alone.
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