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    After a long gap, I had guests today at my house

    I have many relatives and friends. So we will be generally having guests in our house. Either my relatives or relatives from my wife side keep visiting our house. If they come to Hyderabad for any work, they will come to our house and stay with us.

    But from March 2020 due to COVID 19, nobody has visited our house. Some local friends were coming now and then for an hour or two. But today after a long time, I had guests at my house for lunch. My sister, her husband and their daughter came from Visakhapatnam for a function and they visited our house today and had lunch with us. Similarly, my wife's sister's son also came to Hyderabad and he came to our house today and had lunch with us. This almost after a gap of 8 months.

    My wife is mentioning to me that after a long time our house looked like our house in earlier days.
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    Good that the things are getting to normal mode to the pre covid situation as the relatives and friends are now started visiting our homes and that proves that every one were missing the bond and the connections and now being restored. And we should not see the visitors with any apprehension and doubts but take due precautions like giving them the hand sanitizers, washing the hands and legs, maintaining the social distance while talking , not allowing small children to cuddle and embrace , and wear mask. If all these precautions are taken, surely anyone can visit their relatives and friends. One thing is sure never discuss what has happened in their family and how they coped up, because that would cause to rewind the old troubled months and let them enjoy the new visit and have good time with bonding.
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    To many, it may seem strange but welcoming guests is always a great gesture that too when people are maintaining social distancing to prevent Covid. Things are getting normal, people are expecting good things ahead.
    Guests in the home after a long time would surely spread the fragrance around and bring in the positive mood in the family members. I feel great and optimistic when guests grace their presence in my home. Though due to covid restriction thing went bad and social gathers abruptly stopped but after almost a year things are running in the right direction. I hope soon we will be free from the pandemic and be able to move freely.

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    Earlier in our house also our friends and family members were coming to our house but when covid-19 started no one was coming to the house we were taking on phone, video call. I was too sad but now our friends and family will come we will also go to our relative houses and friends. Now I am so happy.

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    We are returning to normalcy despite no vaccine for the deadly virus. Within the last eight months, we have learned to live with the devil virus. I too had my friends visiting me in September, and we too visited their home and had Onam lunch. Now I am planning to invite my friends to home for the Deepavali festival. However, I am not able to reach my hometown in Tamilnadu owing to fear of Covid that might affect me during bus journey. There is no train service from Bengaluru to Tirunelveli. I am planning to reach there in my car, in December.
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    The way you are expressing your happiness for receiving guest your home you deserve to be praised for this healthy gesture. Now a days people are so self centred that they don't like to see any guest visiting their home. They may have big home where guest may be accommodated for a few days without any problem but they don't have big heart.

    Nobody is longing to visit any home if they are not welcomed there. People have enough money they can stay in a hotel ,but they visit your home instead of staying in any hotel and lodge it is quite obvious that they know you, your wife feel pleasure to see the guest in your home. Kudos to you.

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    Interstate travel is restricted as I had to go to Tamil Nadu to meet my uncle and Keral too. They instructed me, not to come at this juncture. A few guests have plans to visit us but it is in their person vehicle. The dilema of whether to go or not to go to a place has come to most of our minds mainly because of corona rather than simple excuses like no holiday.
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    Almost of us are yearning when the world will be back to the normal Pre-Covid times. As the news of Vaccine launch date line is being extended and extended people are reaching a state of frustration and desperation.
    I am a person who is not in the habit of much socialising. Even I have started feeling the fatigue of being restricted to home since past ten months. The last travel we had was January 2019. We used to go for visiting our family deity temple (at a place about 200 kms away) once in three months. The last visit was in January 2019.
    Fortunately I am involved in a voluntary community association and hence have some limited and restricted social interaction with connected people in connection with those activities.
    As I don't have own vehicle, have to go by public transport only. So we have not travelled at all even within the state or district at all during the last ten months. I am longing to visit at least the family deity temple as early as possible. The travel involves three hour one side by public transport bus.
    I think, by the visit of your relatives you would have got refreshed and re-energised n mind. I can understand the happiness and excitement from the thread.
    Let us hope and pray that the world resumes back its normal days very soon.

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    In many areas the intensity of the pandemic is gone down but in some places it is again coming up as a second or third wave. So it is good to have guests as it gives us an opportunity to be in touch with our friends and relatives but we have to start this process of socialising very carefully. Until unless there is a specific reason or function, people should avoid visiting each other. The main reason behind this thinking is that once we start to go to others house just without a reason that is for socialising then they will also be encouraged and come to our houses and in this pandemic situation that will be a wrong signal to others who will also start mixing and socialising in greater ways and then the virus would come back with more intensity. I believe that still that time has not come when we should mix with each other freely. Till that time we can use video chatting or other online means to quench the thirst of our gregariousness. We are going through a crucial juncture where everything is appearing as alright but beneath the dangers are lurking. I have no intention of creating fear but the fact is that we have to be careful and request others also to be careful.
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