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    We should wear masks in public

    Its a fact that majority of Indians are not wearing masks in public inspite of all these troubles caused by the global pandemic. I can't understand people are not doing it. Its unbelievable that pubic are still not aware of the situation whole world is going through with the outbreak of Covid 19. If you are not wearing masks its not only dangerous for you but also to people around.
    Hats off to Kerala who is much better in this concern. Even if it is because of the fear of fining by police, majority are wearing masks in the state. I recommend other state governments to be more strict regarding this. We need to come out of this somehow.
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    It is the fact that the lock down has eased but the disease is very much there and even spreading to new areas. Even PM Modi has been stressing in many video messages, as there is no escape from the disease unless and until the vaccine is found and shots given to all the citizens and until then the covid rules like not shaking hands, maintaining physical distance and wearing mask has become must for all. But in Hyderabad especially the old city public are thinking that they need not follow as the wave has gone and it would not strike again. But the second wave seems to be started and the daily cases are increasing. Since the winter seems to be severe this time the covid spread would also be unabated without vaccine and thus seniors above 50 years of age must be careful and they should not venture out.
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    Stay safe, covid is still there! A mask is mandatory to prevent the spread of the virus in communities. Don't be hesitant to wear a mask. Understand the situation and the intensity of the pandemic. It has consumed my million lives and it is still hovering around.
    Washing hands with soap for at least two minutes, covering the face when sneezing, using sanitizer and wear a mask to prevent the spread of the virus.
    Though restrictions are easing but the pandemic is still there. There is no chance of complacency and we should strictly follow all SOPs to stay safe from covid 19 pandemics.

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    It is very unfortunate that even after having acquired a good education many people are not educated in real sense. So what the uneducated masses would follow and learn from them can be understood well. They are taking this virus threat very lightly and telling that it would happen to other unfortunate ones but not to them and when the virus is attacking them or their family then they are repenting but what is the use of repenting over spoilt milk. The mask is only one precautionary measure and there are many others like washing the hands after reaching house, keeping the things separately till they are dried up in the air, avoiding contact with people and keep a safe distance etc. So, I am afraid that those who are not wearing masks would not be following other precautions also. This casual approach is responsible for the second, third and I do not how many of the deadly virus waves that are again surging in the different parts of the world. It is said that even God cannot teach these adamant and stubborn people who take things so casually and are exposing themselves as well as their dear family members to this great threat.
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    Mask and maintaining social distance is the key to fight with this pandemic. Therefore one must follow it. Yes reecently I also have seen people are not following it and roaming without face mask in the crowd. It's disgusting because by not using mask we are not only risking ourself but also causing a risk to others. We should follow the guidelines otherwise we may not be able to eliminate this disease ever.

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    People who are using masks argue that wearing it is very important. He says that maybe people who look healthy may also have the virus. But some people say that people who are healthy yet are using masks because of the people who are struggling with a lack of masks. At the same time, there are many cases in which people have also attacked, while people wearing masks because in most countries, wearing masks has not been practiced at all. In the last few days, there has been increasing negligence among people, people are assuming that Corona will not harm them but this thinking is wrong. Your slightest carelessness can prove to be life-threatening with you as well as your loved ones. It is time for you to take care of yourself most when you are outside the house. Be safe and make your family safe, follow social distancing, use sanitizer, wash hands frequently these all are very common practices that should be definitely followed by the people in this pandemic era.
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    As mentioned by the author not wearing a mask is not only dangerous to the person but also the persons around him. Many people are having a virus but they don't have any symptoms and they are normal. If a person catches the same virus from this man, the other man may suffer. So for the safety of you as well as the safety of the people around you, you should wear a mask when you go out.
    Many of the people are not wearing the mask and they think that it is not required. But it is not correct. The only way to stay safe is to use a mask whenever we go out, maintaining distance is another requirement. I have seen people travelling in sharing autos by sitting side by side and not maintaining the distance is also very dangerous. We should know how the virus will attack us. We don't know how safe is the other person. So taking the required precautions is the best way to prevent virus attack.

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    Now the states have seized from taking strict actions on Covid rules violations as the people are taking it granted that it is one more flu and cold set back to which home remedies are far enough to contain the virus. But the fact is that those who infected with disease and recovered are now complaining of heart disease and further complaints in health setbacks based on their immunity. So this proves that the lock down rules have been relaxed but the disease here to stay and come winter the severity of the same could be understood as many nations re imposed the second lock down with more strict rules for the locals to follow. In India wearing mask has become the fashion and not the necessity and for many it is the hindrance they feel and they are alone going to be responsible for their health and others health who are likely to be affected.
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    We have discussed this subject many times in the threads related to the present pandemic but it is a very important matter and requires to be understood in its totality. Some people are by nature negligent and careless and will not follow the general instruction even if they are being given for their own benefits. The citizens should stake now in their hands and avoid the people who are not wearing masks even if they are closed friends. If we all do like that they will have no alternative except wearing it if they want to remain friendly with us. Social boycott is one thing that helps in such a situation. These people will follow instructions only when they are hurt by others.
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    When we dial a phone number we hear a recorded message from Amitabh Bachchan and this message advises us that we should wear a mask and keep a distance of 2 yards. The irony is that this message is from the person who himself didn't follow this message earlier and was infected with cornovurus.

    The author has raised a good thread that those responsible authorities who fine the public for not wearing mask don't use a mask themselves. What an irony!

    I think we need to think about ourselves and in order to protect ourselves from this disease we should wear mask and mind 2 yards distance as we don't know who is infected with the virus we are mingling with. One of my relatives was hospitalized in Delhi last month. Almost Rs 12 lac has been spent so far but still his condition is critical.

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    It is not just about wearing the mask always when outdoors. Equally important is to wear it properly and take the necessary steps in using and discarding it.

    From what I have read and understood-
    1. Never touch the front of the mask. Most people are doing this on a regular basis. You should not constantly touch it and adjust it. I agree it is a bit annoying to have it against your face and you tend to fidget with it as you do with your spectacles. If you do need to adjust it, then hold it at the edges. You see, you are likely to be touching various surfaces and then putting your hands on the mask, which is not a safe thing to do. Some people use it like a rubber band, pulling it forward, then releasing it. Ridiculous.
    2. The point of the mask is to cover both, the nose and the mouth, not just the mouth.
    3. Don't let the mask hang around your chin or your neck. Just think - the sweat from the skin goes on it and you are going to put that back on your nose and mouth.
    4. The mask should not be loose. Buy one that fits securely and is unlikely to slip down or leave gaps. At the same time, it should be comfortable enough to be able to breathe.
    5. Do not remove the mask to have a conversation with the shopkeeper, somebody else you meet or when answering the phone.
    6. Always wash the mask right away on returning home, with a little warm water and hang to dry, away from other things. This is if it is safe to reuse. If very dirty, discard and take a fresh one. If you have sneezed or coughed in it, wash and discard.
    7. Discarding the mask - cut it up and wrap in a piece of paper, then discard. When cut, it cannot be picked up from garbage dumps to be washed and resold.
    8. Do not share the mask with anyone, not even family members and even if washed. Each family member should have their own set of masks.

    [Note for Narendran - what Neeru stated is true, that this topic about the necessity to wear a mask in public has been raised earlier, but since you are returning after a long gap, we will allow this discussion for now. Henceforth, please use the search box and if a topic has been taken up and discussed, then avoid raising it again. In case you wish to bring it up with some fresh angle to it, give a link to the earlier discussion thread.]

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    Sorry, I was not aware that this topic has been already raised. I will be careful from now onwards. In spite that the thread had a lot of comments, thank you all.

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    Wearing masks is a real suffocation but still it is important. People will be a prey in crowded areas. We do hardly meet people at our place and generally before covid also, the distance was maintained. Only when we go out in busy areas we use masks, otherwise we are sticking to PM Modiji's first rule, stay home, stay safe.
    Mask sales have become a great business for many. The people who use it, just throw here and there. This increases the threat to people who regularly go for walking. Hence follow rules and instructions, dispose masks properly.

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    Wearing a mask is mandatory for safety of life. The entire world has been suffering from this virus. Millions of people have infected till now. Number of infected people has been increasing day by day. Knowing all the situation, many people are not taking precautions. They are not wearing a mask and not maintaining social distance. They are roaming freely here and there as if the virus is not at all. Such kind of people not only taking risk of their life but giving life-threatening to other people around them. Now, the winter season has started. As a medical expert is advising to be more chances of spreading this disease. So, safety rules should follow strictly in this season. Unless and until vaccine not come, we should not forget to wear a mask especially, when we go to a public area. Mask and social distancing are only optioned to keep safe from corona virus.

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    The latest news from the Northern side of India has proved that those states which let loose the covid guidelines and followups are now facing the tune of fresh cases and this is causing much concern. The surprise fact is that even the children are coming out in large numbers and vulnerable to disease infections as they are not wearing the mask. And those who are wearing the mask are not putting the same properly and thus exposing themselves to further infections. The second time surge of cases has been rapidly happening and in UK the country crossed 50 lakh deaths as the people are indifferent and not following the covid rules of safe distancing and wearing mask. As long as people take this disease as another flu or cold, the virus will not leave our country no matter we are getting to distribute vaccines sooner or later.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Though we may come across the educated mass well informed regarding many features including the fast spread of the virus . If we feel relaxed without the proper use of masks and ignoring the safe distance while coming in contact with the public. The unfortunate part is that they are under the impression that they may not fall prey to this virus and hence both the parameters - wearing masks and maintaining safe distance is not so important for them. It has been observed that whenever there is rush in the market and we join the mob without the safety aspect, we may not be protected. So long as the vaccine is not available with us, we should not endanger our precious life.

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