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    Do you keep ready chutney powder or paste handy?

    Some times the guest would drop in odd hours, and even the friends would be disturbing us without informing us and in that case if they drop during lunch or dinner hours, we have the responsibility to offer them food and in that case having instant mixes like Tamirind paste for Pulihora, Til powder for the Til rice . Coconut dried for coconut rice, Line for the lime rice, Tomato paste for the tomato rice and Turdal powder for dall rice. All this if kept handy, the guests can be offered food instantly within minutes and they would feel happy with instant recipes and variety taste.
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    My emergency dish to my off time guest would be Curd rice with pickle and papad. And also Omlette, At my home, Rice and curd would be readily available to make curd rice. Pickle and Papad would also available as a side dish. Further, eggs also would be available to make omlette for nonveg guests.

    With the readily available Mirchi powder, Dhania powder, Tamarind and Salt, we can make Egg curry easily.

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    We should always welcome our guests though visiting without informing creates a problem which must be avoided. But when a guest visits you, be always ready to make dishes that are not only sumptuous but appetising a well.
    How we get ready to make dishes is a big question. The answer to this question is to always help your women in the household chores and get a chance to become an expert cook.
    Always keep the most important spices available in the kitchen and use them to make relishing dishes when you receive your guests at home without any problems.

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    Sometimes we will have unexpected guests in odd times. We have to host them and serve them food. It will be very difficult for the housewife to make all the dishes. So it is better to keep some ready mixes which will be used to make the dishes quickly.
    In our house, we will have some ready-made powders which can be straightaways served and can be mixed with rice and can be eaten. We will 2 or 3 types of these powders in our house. In addition to that, we will have some chutneys also.,
    So by cooking rice and rasam we can easily serve the food to the guests. Similarly, we will have some ready-made curries also in our refrigerator which can be heated and served. Any how papad will be always there which can be fried in the electric oven,

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