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    Which are the words not to be used quite often in any writeups?

    Day-in and day-out we are visualising that members are expressing their feelings, emotions in the form of words in almost all the sections of ISC.

    Can the most experienced members sugges, besides the relevent reply to the content and context which are the general words which needs elimination? This helps in making the writeup precise, better and the other members too enjoy reading.

    If you could give the explanation in short three points, it would be better. Which are the words which has to be minimised or not used in writeups?
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    This is the tricky question posed by the author. By the way there cannot be truthful admission from any member as to the right reply for this post. This forum is designed to learn, express, experience and divulge the details of your thought process in mind and thus writing content for any thread is the prerogative of the member and the main aim should be to convince the reading member and enlist the support or response for that particular thread. By the way English is such a language which can be expressed in many ways and there is no necessity for any author to use the same words again and again. Even if they use the words, there is nothing wrong in this informal section. New words need to be introduced in the forum but again if that proves to be searching problems for the members then better avoid using new words which are cumbersome to write and understand.
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    The comments given by you are acceptable. Awaiting many more responses from other members.
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    A word is to speak or write to express and communicate. All words are usable. In ISC, we should avoid using words that are indecent, absurd, vulgar and not befitting. We all know such words.

    However, in a write-up, try to use positive words than negative words. Avoid using words - No, impossible, bad, regret.

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    I am thinking that many of us will be using words like so, if, but etc. very frequently and I don't know whether we are using them precisely. So we should have a correct check before using those words.
    Even though we are not in agreement with the views of the other persons, we should express diplomatically and we should use offensive words which will upset the other person. We should mind the words what we use.
    One should try to be decent in his writings. Unnecessary usage of derogatory words about the other person is also not a good way. As far as possible we should express our views politely without hurting the other persons.
    Sometimes we may be starting a sentence with AND. But I heard some people saying that one should not start any sentence with AND. I can't tell why like this if someone asks me. If I am wrong please ignore.

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    Writing is an art and many people try to achieve perfection in that which of course comes with practice. During the learning phase we use many words which we might not be using precisely but we feel that they are helpful in the flow of writing and in making longer and complex sentences. So, we use these words frequently and take shelter in them for churning out our work. Which are these words? There are so many of them - so, hence, if, that, why, come, go, doing, less, more, exact, good, bad, never, put, time, basic, problem, society, politics, know etc.
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    A wonderful approach by members on recognising and identifying a few regular words adding values in writeups. Keeping an eye on the usage of such words in sentences can help us build better continuity over the writing skills.
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    Basically the words you put in any content should be in context, whether they are short words or some extraordinary new words. They should also be beautifully crafted together and presented well to provide a smooth flow to the entire text.

    Some suggestions-
    1. A publisher who is earning through Google AdSense should follow the Google Publisher Policies.

    2. As an editor, I find many members are careless in checking back immediately on what they submitted whether in an article or in a forum discussion. A word in a sentence may just be a typo, but you will not realize that it has an indecent connotation. I admit this has happened to me as well and I was horribly embarrassed once when it was brought to my notice by a friend who read the blog post. Ever since I do try not to be hasty in exiting from a page where I have typed in content.

    Additionally, at many websites, I think the site administrators install a blocking feature to automatically prevent content from being submitted if it contains certain words that they consider to be spam or inappropriate.

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    I will try to follow your instructions. Typo errors can change the real essence of writeups. Crafting of sentences is an important aspect which can be gained through experience itself.
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