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    Should I apply for Google Adsense now?

    As many of you knows, I am trying to make a comeback to ISC. While trying to know more about ISC, I found that my profile is qualified to apply to Google Adsense. Actually I was delighted to see this. What I want to know is should I apply it now? I am asking this because i was not actively contributing in ISC for a long time. If I cant apply now, when can I apply. Please guide me through it.
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    Just now visited your profile page and found that you have just 3 resources to your credit with minimal content writing and that proves you have to make effort to write bigger articles on varied subjects so that ISC should be impressed first and then give the base for applying Google adsense. Writing more articles should be your aim now and once the articles are uploaded and approved then they become the assets for you to reap in adsense benefits at the later date. Moreover you have discontinued for five years and there is no consistency of your presence and you are fully yet to explore the new ISC. Therefore do not be in urgency to seek Google adsense and just concentrate on raising more articles on varied subjects and participate in on going contests and prove your mantle that you are the good content writer.
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    I think it would be prudent as Mr Mohan has also suggested that you have to contribute some more articles so that the profile becomes attractive for Adsense account allotment. Please also note that Adsense earnings are related to the quality as well as bulk of the contents and till we have that combination the earnings would be very less and not significant. Basically it depends upon the traffic to your contents in the host site ISC and that is the crucial factor which is ultimately connected with quality only. So, please take these considerations also in account before applying.
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    As per the record, you have only 3 articles published. But the eligibility criteria says there should be a minimum of 10 articles. However, ISC says that 5 out of 6 criteria is fulfilled, we can apply. That way you may be eligible to apply. But these days Adsense is taking its own time and not approving many new applications. My application is almost pending from 3 years. Whenever I try Google says our team is working on it and we will come back. So there may not be much use by applying now. Wait for some time and contribute more and fulfil all the points mentioned in the criteria and then you can apply. This is what I feel.
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    Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao
    You can make new adsense account, if you already don't have one. I may guide you rest depends on your efforts. You can contact me

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