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    China reviving to build Railways near Arunachal border raise concerns

    It now understood that the change of government in US seems to have given upper hand for China to revive its pending railway projects abetting the Arunachal Pradesh border thereby raising concern for India that there is more ulterior motives of the dragon country to develop great infrastructure along the border on their side. Though it is their internal matter but the border railway project is almost touching our NE state Arunachal Pradesh thereby cautioning India to seek stop that project forthwith and also seek International attention on China overtures.
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    China is a country who has a lot of ambitions and expansionist policies and is always seeing if an inch of land can be grabbed this side or that side. Japan, Mangolia, India and all other neighbouring countries know it well. China has a policy of developing the roads to the border on all the sides of their country boundary and the basic intention behind that is to quickly transport the army there when the war or war situation arises. After the annexation of Tibet by China there has been a phenomenal development in the region and roads and railway lines have been laid down very nicely by them. China has a big labour force and to occupy them and keep them in employment, they go on building roads and other constructions in the country as well near the boundaries. Arunachal Pradesh wherever it is touching or is near to their boundaries, they will do the same thing - make roads for army movement. China believes in the policy of - offence is best defence.
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    If there is a problem near the border between India and China, this railway route will provide a great convenience to China' for delivering strategic materials. This is the basic idea for China in constructing the railway line to this place. As mentioned by the author, the construction is their internal matter. But the Indian government should watch the proceedings and try to tale the best course of action so that we will not have a threat from China. We can't ask them to stop this activity. But we should diplomatically act to see that the proposed activity will not become a threat to our country.
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    China is doing so many activities at the border and there could be evil intentions behind that but India is also alert and developing the infrastructure near the borders and is fully prepared for any conflict or confrontation. Today India is also having its defences well ready to counter to any such ambush by the enemy and our Govt is already giving a good thrust to defence sector. We have also done some field tests of weapons near the borders. So seeing all those developments China cannot dare to offend us. Only thing is there should not be any laxity in our defence system.
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