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    How often one may change the job? Is that necessary?

    Many people has the habit of changing their cell phones, changing their cars, going for new purchases often and that habit also makes them to change the jobs and look for new pastures. Companies spend huge money on employees, gives them training and competent and when the things are about to scale high, the employee leaves and shift for better prospects. Though going for new jobs for salary hike and position is natural behavior but that should not done often and that should not hamper our very reputation.
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    Changing jobs frequently is good or bad? It always depends on the conditions. If you are feeling that you have nothing new to learn in the current company and at the same time you are getting very little growth in the current company, then you should change your job. See, there are some disadvantages to changing jobs again and again. Changing jobs is really not only important for increasing salary, but sometimes it is also necessary for other reasons. For many of us, the situation of changing jobs comes. Sometimes changing jobs also becomes a compulsion. It is not easy to change jobs when you stay in an office for three years or more, then you fall into the comfort zone. Sometimes it is appropriate to change the job but if it becomes a habit, then companies, as well as themselves, can get into trouble because every time they give a job to the employee, they invest a lot in their training, etc.
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    Human being is greedy of money. Money is the most important requirement in our life. Unless we make money and have money, life won't be happier. That is the reason people change their jobs to get more money. Nothing wrong in it. If there is more greenery on the other side, naturally we get attracted. To avoid the personnel shifting jobs, companies should laid down strict orders and regulations about quitting jobs and take proper written undertakings from the employees.
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    Changing cars and cellphones are out of fancy. Rich people go for it. Youth will change their mobiles as frequently as possible. But this can't be compared with job changing. We can't change the jobs like we change cars and phones. if you have the money you can change cars and phones. But jobs are not available to purchase. One can't change jobs as they wish.
    We should love our job but not the company. As long as you perform well the company will pay you. But the moment you stop performing, the company will never think of you. So make hay while the SUN shines. So always better to be in the lookout for a good job which will give us better returns and shifting there is no way wrong. But at the same time, you can't go on changing the jobs every six months or one year. Rolling stone gathers no moss. This also we should keep in mind.

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    As Dr Rao has already mentioned about not to compare a job-change with frequent change of cellphone or car, one important thing is the reputation of the employee to the employers who change job frequently. When you are aspiring for certain positions and also want an increment you look for new jobs and if you find a suitable one you resign and join the new organization. Companies provide training and invest in their employees because they require output and the companies are also very much aware that when an employee gets a better opportunity it will be hard to hold the employee back without any negotiation. Reputed companies generally think twice before recruiting such persons who change jobs frequently. Everybody is aware of the return on investment and while recruiting a candidate this is also in the mind of the HRs. There cannot be hard and fast rules regarding the frequency of changing jobs and it depends on a lot of factors. However, as I said, if it's too frequent then it can hamper the reputation of the employee because employers will hesitate to employ the person fearing she/he may change job anytime.

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    Everyone wants a high-salary job. If someone gets better opportunities in terms of poromotion on higher post with higher salary then he should change his job and should join where he has bright future but everyone can't do it. Those who are really perfect in their field they can change companies now and then. Despite being a smart, sincere, hardworking employee one should not change his jobs frequently. Changing company to company may give a wrong message or may leave negative impact on potential employer.

    Now a days employment is not easy to get because on going pandemic has changed the business scenario. A large number of employees who were working in different companies have lost their jobs. So, it does not sound good to make haste in leaving the job. Many jobless people are compelled to accept less salary and they are working.

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    The influence of friends and the demand from the family also make us to change the jobs frequently.
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    There was a time when job changing was a rare phenomenon and in fact there were not such opportunities also. Now due to industrial development and specialisation coming in every field or discipline, people are getting opportunity to move from one position to other and many times it is led by an increase in the salary. So there are many factors to go for a job change and main are the more salary and type of job.
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    There is nothing bad to change a job in my opinion if it's done for the betterment. I myself have done this in the past when I had was a fresher. It's because when you are new you have lots of aspirations which makes you to change the jobs even you get the small benefits but then after some point of time I realise that one should not switch to a new job for small benefits because it takes time to adjust to a new job . But in all I don't think it's bad to change jobs when you get benefits.

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    Changing job from to one to other is become common nowadays. Covid played a different role is different. But many youngsters do not have tolerance and they do not think twice before taking a decision of shifting from a job. An assistant under me used to utter the word often that he would resign the job. I used to tell him on that times that ,"resigning a job is not a big thing but getting another one is difficult. Moreover the organization is not going to face a loss due to your resignation as it would get another guy in your place. Further if you are telling like this it will make your mind without concentration in the job.".
    Shifting from one to another job should be on necessity such as place, money, promotion and not on any other grounds.

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