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    Adjustment is just changing your activities according to the situation

    The pandemic situation has changed the ways we do things. There were many threads regarding this and also a few good suggestions mentioned in some threads to effectively manage the situation. What I am going to describe here has nothing to do with the present pandemic but something to do with the habits of people and their capabilities to adjust. One of my neighbours, who has severe arthritis, goes to the market couple of times in a week and if you see him going or coming back from the market you will understand how difficult it is for him to walk because of the pain. At times, the security guards help him by carrying his bag upstairs while he returns from the market. Other neighbours also help him carrying his bag. His wife also suffers from arthritis due to which she finds it difficult to walk. A few days earlier, I asked him why he goes to the market to purchase groceries and vegetables when he can order things online easily. He laughed but equally denied my suggestion saying this is his habit to personally select items before purchasing and things available online will not be suitable for him because he cannot verify things before ordering them. I have seen a few people averse to an online purchase, especially of consumables and do not know why this aversion developed. When it is easily available and delivered to your doorstep, especially during the present situation where many are trying to minimise their outdoor movements, at least people should think about the situation and act accordingly. You need to change your activities depending on the situation and then only you will be able to adjust with situations.
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    I agree with the author. We should adjust as per the situation. Nobody will feel comfortable to wear a mask for a longer duration. But when the situation asks for it, we should not hesitate and discomfort can't be taken as an excuse. It is wise to get the items online when it is not comfortable for us to go out. We should adjust our activities based on our health. But we should not compromise our health. We should never forget this.
    As mentioned by the author many people are having the view that we have no say on the quality of the product if we go for online purchase. But online purchases also will have a return policy and we can return the product if it is not as per the specifications mentioned. They will give you back the entire money.
    But some old people feel that going out on some of the other pretests is good and it will give us a chance to interact with fellow human beings and we will be in touch with some people at least.

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    Rightly said by the author. Our moves and actions should commensurate with the demand and necessity of those with whom we behave and that proves that we understood them very well and they also get along with us for the great understanding and adjustments. If the daughter in law change to the new demands of the husband's home then that is the great change and adjustment. If the new employee adapts to the rules and regulations of the new job and company that is the great adjustments. If the kid made to join the nursery class and the change from home to school is the great transformation and adjustment and that must be hailed. So our all moves in the life are guided by adjustments at one point or the other and those who change to the adaptability quickly are regarded and recognized as the super persons and their followers are more.
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    Some people do not change their habits because they are accustomed to these activities. I think old men should not stop doing some physical activities because in this age they don't do excercise to keep themselves fit and healthy. Going to market for shopping or doing some household activities is good for them. The person who has been mentioned in this thread keeps himself in his old activities. I don't think there is anything wrong if he does not stop going to market.

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    I have a different point of view. From one angle, it is right to say that people and especially children and old should minimise their outdoor movements during the present situation and change their approach depending on the situation and try to adjust with it. on the other hand, these people need some kind of exercise to stay fit and they find it or take it as an exercise to walk the lane, go to the market, personally selecting items before purchasing and getting satisfied. The commute is difficult but he needs to do it for himself and for the disease. It's being more than 6 months that the pandemic has surrounded us and we have managed to live with it. Now we cannot expect everyone to be indoor as some find it difficult without movement or exercise. The situation has a plus and minus and both are correct in their own way or perspective. It is just like drawing a six and for the person on below see it as number six whereas the person from other side says, its number nine.
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