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    Who is greater braggadocio between men and women?

    Who is greater braggadocio between Man or Woman as generally, bragging is associated with women but it is not correct approach. Men and Women both spread their tall talks when they are in any gathering. But bragging does not always carry negative connotation. When someone works hard to achieve his goal and when he gets success in his efforts he happily informs his friends and other people. Sharing his happiness with others isn't bragging but doing it for show-off or unnecessarily take the same issue again and again with people it may be bragging.
    You might have seen such people where ever they go ,whomesoever, they meet they don't forget bragging of themselves or their family. Especially, retired people and women can be seen bragging of their own achievements in service tenure or of their sons' or daughters'. Even they can been seen speaking how costly their watch is, How much money they spent in latest tour or how costly clothes their daughter has purchased etc .
    What is your opinion about this topic and about these people?
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    I have seen some people doing this. There are men and women also who are having this habit. The habit will be there in the people of all ages. The percentage may vary. However, the observations may differ.
    I know a young person who works in a bank. He works in a bank. Whenever I meet him he says three points. One is that last year he performed very well and he got the best increment. The second point is that he was a star performer in the previous bank he worked. The third point he says is that he received an appreciation letter for is work in his previous bank. Many times I heard and appreciated him. Finally, I told him that yesterday's glory may not give you a better tomorrow. Yesterday's good work has already been recognised and you got good increment. But concentrate on today's work so that your tomorrow will be good.

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    My opinion about those who brag is to smile at them and avoid them when it's possible. The term braggadocio cannot be gender-specific and it depends on many factors. If one is too concerned about the things they or their family possess they always think about them and it becomes their point of discussion. Discussing one's achievements with friends is quite natural but that cannot be the only topic in a discussion. If one is too focused on money then also they can behave in such a way. If others like to listen to such things it continues and if others start avoiding such people they find some other people to tell their stories of achievements.

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    Many people want to show their extra ordinary calibre and achievements to others and they do it not once but repeatedly. I have seen some parents telling their children that they were studying so much during their student lives. The children get fed up hearing that. Retired people often sing the glories of their times and their contributions in the organisations. For one or two times people can hear that but who would tolerate such talks repeatedly. So, it is better to avoid such people if they continue this bragging with us. We have to somehow get rid of them.
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    Bragging is the bad trait to which some people boast of their possessions and belongings often displayed to their friends and well wishers and thus they wants good comment and being noticed for the change in their looks and outlook and they would be seeking appreciation and not the comments. Such people are more wealthy but lack the sense of helping those who does not even have source for two square meals and showing the tantrums in front of them would be nothing but teasing. Normally women have this trait as they would certainly be interested to have good comments from her friends and well wishers. She wants to improve over her looks and she wants good suggestions as to improve her dressing sense and that is not bad bragging. But some would show off their costly jewels to those who have no knowledge of it.
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