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    No one is indispensable, the sooner we realise this the better .

    No one is indispensable in this World and everything and everyone is replaceable. We need to live with this realisations all the time or we may end up having bitter experiences.

    Even this feeling that I am indispensable causes ego and arrogance take over one's sensibility and humbleness and in turn takes him/her down the hill.

    I would share an incident of my senior or say my reporting boss who was head finance and was in the organisation much earlier than me. He had experience and skill but slowly he became arrogant and egoistic. He would say that this is his last job and he would retire from this organisation, as he has given his blood and sweat to build this organisation. He was very confident and sure that there is no one who can replace him, ever. His behaviour slowly turned arrogant and steadily that led to his downfall.

    Recently, I came to know that he has resigned from his post or in short he was asked to resign for sake of leaving with dignity. Since, I have already resigned 2 years back, so I couldn't find out the exact reason. But, I remember his words very well as he used to repeat that no one take his position many times.

    What I observed that, having knowledge and skill is one thing but having humility and good attitude towards others also matter a lot. We are not indispensable and sooner or later we will get replaced, it is just a matter of time. Living with this clarity is very important to save oneself from jolts that life may throw upon us.
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    Men may come. men may go but I go on forever. A company will be always running. If a person leaves the company it will never create a problem for the company unless otherwise the whole issues are messed up. I have seen companies running very well even after the key personnel left the organisation. There will be always a fall back arrangement. If somebody is thinking that he is indispensable, it is his innocence or ignorance.
    I was working in an organisation. The top two bosses of the company were good friends The company was doing good. All of a sudden there was an issue between them and the second in command left the company. Many people thought that the company will face a major problem. But the organisation went on well without any problem and did good progress.
    Let us not get into the illusion that we are indispensable. Somebody will be there to take care of the issues in our absence also. Somebody else will raise to the occasion and see that there will not be any setback to the organisation because of the absence of a person.

    always confident

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    There are some people who are good in work and the company or organisation management sometimes give them extra concern and they start to think that they are indispensable. This is their mistake to think so and then they suffer also. If a person is being importance by the top bosses does not mean that he is indispensable. Actually no one is indispensable in this world. There are so many highly qualified people working in small positions and small companies. They will be happy to join in a big company for bigger responsibilities if given a chance. The company would pay them less remunerations also. So a company can anytime remove an arrogant person and appoint a fresh person in its place. In fact such things are very commonly happening in the business world.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There are some smart and intelligent people is any organisation who slowly grab everything under their control and do not give others opportunity to work. They also get a good backing from top and finally become a sort of indispensable for the company. Some bosses who do not want to exert depend on such people and get the things done they want in their ways. In such a situation if someone has to be sent to a far away branch of the company in a remote place then these indispensable people are not affected and some other chap is sent for that position. So these indispensable people enjoy life sitting at one place and manipulating things in their own ways. So, a god manager is one who does not allow anyone to become indispensable and works himself and keeps a vigil on everyone.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It's a story of a dog: There was a dog in a village which was associated with a block cart. This dog always moved under the cart, if the cart moved right the dog would turn right and if the cart turned left dog would turn left. When the cart stopped he slept below the cart. All through the dog would feel that it was because of him the cart was moving and would stop if he stoped. It was his hard work and dedication, which was keeping the cart moving. This dedication and hard work slowly made him feel that he was indispensable.

    Life went on like this with hard work and feeling of pride and importance until one night he slept a little longer. The cart started little early and the dog could not follow it. Its that day he realized the cart was moving on its own and his own and his feelings were misplaced.

    Many of us never realize. Or by the time they realize it is too late. Sooner we realize is better. Nobody is indespensible for any other person, business, society or country. The author has mentioned his senior who had misconception that he was indispensable for his company. No employee is indispensable even the owner of the company. People come and go and the establishment keeps on moving along with time.

    You can see around your own colony, locality and city. When any sole earner of a family dies everyone thinks how they will survive and how the children will be raised but we see them living happily.

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    Organization wise it may be correct to say the others indispensable but as far as house considered we cannot overcome our seniors or associates. If we neglect our close relations for any reason, the loss is ours only and not to them. If we don't like our senior or associate in the workplace we can resign the post and join in another one. Our seniors or associates in the family advise us only for our betterment and not for theirs. A neighbor of mine advised his younger brother to go for regular walking as he found affected by diabetes. But this advise irritated the younger much. Day by day he hate his association and went separate with his wife and son. Without leaving this he started spreading abusing his elder brother in relatives circle badly but did not care on his diabetic level. After a gap of six months he died because of serious illness and his elder brother only took care of his family along with his own.

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    The world would not stop even when we are not there no matter we may be the bread winner or earner for the family. We may be super performers at the office and that should not bring head strong and over confidence in us, because the company can bring many such staff. When I was employed in a company at Hyderabad and there was a tiff with the immediate boss and I had to resign. But the main boss called me to think again before resigning but I did not budge. For that he told me that he can buy so many Mohan's with the salary offered to me. For that I gave him the befitting reply. That you cannot buy same Mohan at the distributed salary. Here my statement was not arrogance but it was in reply to the boss utterance. Management should also respect the good services of great employees who were the pillars earlier and discarded later.
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