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    Cycling plays an important role in fitness.

    Nowadays we see that as soon as children come to high school, they start demanding scooty or bike from the parents and most of the parents fulfill this demand of their children even at a young age because nowadays parents want to provide all the facilities to their children.

    But if we talk about cycling then we all know that cycling is considered to be a very good exercise for our health and it is also helpful in reducing the environmental pollution. Cycling is not only fun but also a kind of aerobic exercise. Whether you want to stay healthy, fit, or lose weight, cycling can prove to be very effective for you. Also, cycling not only improves your mood but fills you with energy.

    Even today there is a trend of cycling in many countries, but the atmosphere in our country is somewhat different. Parents should try to meet the demands of their children, give them convenience but at the same time allow them to struggle a little, and explain they should use the bicycle more than scooty or bike, especially in school days.
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    We may be moving daily for some work from our house. We go to the office, we go to market. These days we see we use motorised vehicles for all these activities and we go separately in the morning for a walk for keeping ourselves fit. Bat least if we can use a cycle for at least for some activities, I think we need not go for a walk separately. If the distances are high and if we have some shortage of time we can use a cycle for going to nearby places. These days in villages we see old people who are above 50 using cycles but young people use motorcycles only in villages also.
    As mentioned by the author giving scooters and mopeds to school-going children is never suggested. They don't know the importance of safety and enjoy the drive by using higher speeds. That will create unnecessary problems. So it is better if we start advising our children to use cycles for short distances at least. Parents should not encourage their kids using these motorised vehicles.

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    While going back a few years back say prior to 1980, we were not habituated to riding bikes, mopeds or scooters. The two options were available either you resorted to walking by road or used your bicycle to reach your destination. Both the options are healthy. The advantage of brisk walking is known to many us in terms of health benifits. Cycling if resorted to bring some article from the market or even for the exercise purpose it is an ideal option. Continuous cycling for at least 45 minutes on daily basis would have numerous benifits including the reduction of cholesterol level benificial for healthy heart functioning. Moreover, cycle riding would eliminate the surge of pollution and in the present time, this aspect is vital.

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    That's correct and I am sure those who know use their bicycles regularly. There is enough body movement while cycling and that's always a good exercise. Since it's not a motorised vehicle it's not fast but the main advantage of a bicycle is it is pollution-free. Our lifestyle has changed over the years and you will find many people sitting most of the time while doing their work. That is making us lazy and physically unfit. To avoid this, at least some kind of body movement is required which is not happening when people use motorized vehicles. Cycling has all these advantages and hence it has a significant role to keep one fit.

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    It is true that nothing can match the fitness and for that we are going for many type of exercises and cycling is the best as when we do the cycling, the whole body gets into action, the blood purifies, the muscles gets loosened up and above all we breath good air and oxygen. Those who doing the cycling would always look lean and fit in their health and they are not confronted with any type of disease. And those who are doing the cycling feel like light weight in health and they have good digestion. And the maintenance is nil and for short distance nothing suits like the cycling and people are using it extensively.
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    Cycling is considered a very good exercise and nowadays many people are resorting to it in the cities especially in the morning time for going for a walk as well as a cycling session. We should encourage the children for cycling and should not provide them a scooter or bike too early in their lives. That would make them lazy and they will avoid walking and will not touch cycle once they have got a two wheeler like that. Very good cycles with gear system are now available and one can use them even on a slope or accent. I have seen some children going on hilly tracks with those type of cycles. We should encourage our children for such activities.
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    No doubt, cycling is a good exercise. Since lockdown started, selling of bicycle has increased. People understand the importance of the bicycle. In cycling, every part of the body gets active. If you do cycling for 30 minutes daily then you would always be away from the doctor. Those person who goes for cycling always remains fit and healthy. So, one should do cycling for fitness.

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    Cycling improves physical fittness. Government school students who pass out the basic education upto grade 8 are provided with frer cycles to provoke them towards completion of SSLC. Many students in villages use this cycle to go to the next village for completing ninth and tenth grades. It is also useful for them to cope up with some of their regular activities thus supporting their families in agriculture. This may be one of the reasons that village children are physically fit than urban children.
    In cities, people do not find time to walk but in villages they do not have means to reach short distances, thus cycles are a supportive means of transport to move within short distances.

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    I agree with the author that cycling isn't only an exercise but also it is fun-riding. Indeed, people don't use the cycle except for poor people. I read in a newspaper that cycling is common in China.
    We need to do exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy as surprisingly, cycling is the best alternative of regular exercise. It's said that regular cycling can protect us from several diseases like obesity, heart diseases, cancer, mental illness, diabetes and arthritis.
    The cycle can be used by people of all ages, even old people who generally don't exercise can use it to keep themselves for and healthy.

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    I still recomend bicycle for a kid as cycling is for health and helps in increasing height of a kid. Only last year I bought bicycles for my kids. Cycling improves balance, posture, and coordination and helps in reducing fat of the body and ultimately helps in protecting us from cardio diseases.

    These days as the pollution is increasing in our country so we should try to avoid automobile instead use bicycles as much as we can. At least we can use them for travelling short distances. I remember the craze we used to have for the bicycles when we were in school which is dying these days and kids demand for the bikes. We should try to make them aware that bicycles are beneficial for their health and they should use them rather insisting on to use bikes or scooties.


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    Cycles are used by kids mostly, than the teenagers. Senior citizens prefer walking than cycling. It is also the best friend to most children as they spend lot of their time into it. It not only acts as a stimuls but also a fun loving energiser for many kids below 15 years.
    We cannot insist for cycles rather than bikes because they would be looked down upon when their friends are using bikes. This can be accepted in remote areas where atleast 30% of students come in cycles to colleges but not in cities where more than 50% students travel using bikes to colleges.

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    There was a time when cycle was used to be a preferred and affordable means of conveyance from one place to other. In some villages and remote places it is still like that though slowly those who can afford are going for a two wheeler. Cycle has another use also as it is one most useful gadget with which one can exercise especially legs. It also helps in increasing the stamina as peddling cycle for a large time would test ones power and stamina only. In many countries to reduce pollution and seeing the health benefits of cycling even rich people are using cycle in their daily chore.
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