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    Air Pollution in Delhi severe again

    Air pollution in the national capital is getting worse again after a dip during the covid-19 restrictions. Air Pollution is a severe problem which directly affects the lungs and kidney. A lot of things have been spoken to prevent this air pollution but authorities seem to have badly failed in cleaning the air. The odd-even system has been in place in the last couple of years during winters but that too seems not working to reduce the air pollution.

    At a time when a restriction has still not completely lifted, air pollution has gripped the national capital again. What is the major source of this pollution and how can this problem be resolved? If automobiles are the major contributor to this pollution what could be the possible remedy to clear the skies?
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    Generally in winter seasons, we will be facing the pollution problem more. The severity will be more in this season. One important reason identified is the biowaste open burning in the neighbouring states. This is to be addressed. Incineration is one way but it is a very costly affair and how the farmers can manage that expenditure is a big question, The government should take this issue on top priority and find out a suitable solution for this problem. Then we may see some improvement.
    Another issue is petroleum products usage. We all should explore the possibility of using alternative fuels for this. Electric vehicles are one solution and a lot of work is going on in this direction. Already governments also encouraging the use of electric vehicles by giving subsidies and other incentives for the use of these vehicles.
    The pollution issues are to be taken seriously and some solutions to be arrived at. Otherwise, we will have severe problems in the coming days.

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    Come winter the fog and worst weather conditions bother the national capitals and added to that the staple burning in the neighboring states bring whole lots of woes and problems to Delhi people and they are unable to breath the fresh air. There are certain regions in Delhi where the air pollution is beyond limit and the motor vehicle pollution add woes to the further aggravated situations. The elders, the asthma patients and the small children are vulnerable to Delhi pollution and they cannot control the onslaught of new respiratory disorders. Many people are shifting to the Southern states for better living as in these four states the living is normal and suits for those who lived with greater hot and cold seasons. Nevertheless both central and state govts must sit together and sort out the pollution challenges.
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    Automobiles are one major cause of pollution. That is why there was one odd / even number scheme in place for the vehicles to ply on the roads on alternate days. However, we do not know whether that helped in decreasing the pollution or not. Then there are some dust and carbon particles created by burning of grass and agricultural remains in the fields which also flow through the wind direction to Delhi direction. So there are multiple factors for this problem in Delhi and it is to taken up at various places and by rectifying the major causes some relief can be obtained. Pollution is going to be a big problem because industrialisation is increasing day by day and even small scale industries are also adding to the pollution in their own ways.
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