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    Age limit for Class 10

    My nephew DOB is 15-10-2008 and he has to appear in Class 10 board exams in 2022. So my worry is that Is he eligible to appear in CBSE Board exams of CBSE in 2022 ????
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    If he has completed his 9th class from a school, he is eligible for class 10 examination. Why doubt? It is the school where he studies should clear this doubt.
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    As per the existing rules he should be completing 14 years by 1st October of the academic year in which he is going to appear in class 10 exam. Your nephew has DOB as 15.10.2008 and he will not be completeing 14 years by 01.10.2021 so he may not be eligible for appearing in the exam during March/April 2022. However there is some discretion (generally up to 6 months) in limited cases with the principal of the institution and you can find about it in details from the school itself. But in this case the shortfall is almost about one year.
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    He has to appear in 2022 and in 2022 he will be 14 years on 15-10-2022.

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    For that matter in any state the student has to complete 14 years of age during the academic year when he was supposed to complete the 10th Class or SSC and there is no escape from the rule. Moreover in many states they are distilling such candidates at the seven class level itself and advising them to be ready to study in same class for two years so that the required para meters of 14 years is achieved. However the private students who are opting to study from home are not having this criteria and thus one may go through the procedure through school or opt for private exam of the 10 th class at earlier age.
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    Your nephew's age is less than the minimum mentioned by the government. He should complete his 14th year by 1.10.2021 if he has to attend in March 2022. But he will be completing his 14th year on 1.10.2022 only. So he has to attend the examinations only in March 2023.
    But in some special cases if the school recommends they may exempt the age limit. So I suggest you go and discuss with the school administration and go as per their recommendations. I heard that sometimes they may consider up to one year also. But it is not sure. You can try your luck.

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