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    Something is seriously lacking with Tanishq creative team.

    Tanishq is again at the receiving end and has withdrawn another advertisement after outrage. This time the advert directly or indirectly said that no one should use firecrackers at all during Diwali. Anyway, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has banned the sale of firecrackers till 30th November and only green firecrackers will be sold.

    I think the creative team has failed to read the sentiments of millions of Indians that Diwali is not just about eating sweets and lightening diyas, it is more than that. During Diwali, most people prefer to buy jewelry and new clothes and for that, they save throughout the year. Now Tanishq is actually hampering its own business by preaching how a festival should be celebrated.

    I think they will have to come up with something creative to justify this advertisement. In the first place, their creative team must do some research before making and releasing such ads and then withdrawing them. The Tata image will be hampered badly.
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    Where is the lacking if I ask I think a very few will be able to answer. After reading this thread, I searched and found the news item along with the advertisement. What is the harm if a reputed brand like Tanishq reminds all the viewers not to use firecrackers when it is already banned by NGT as mentioned by the author at the beginning of the thread? Are sentiments or emotions too predominant over logic? I do not know where are we really heading to. When people are careless they must be reminded about how to celebrate certain festivals. When the judiciary is stepping in to stop the public to celebrate in a certain way, this advertisement, if I have watched the right video, is in no way said something illogical. People are free to express their views on social media but if they act in frenzy I think they have to be stopped.

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    Tanishq is sister concern of Tata Group and so far, it has maintained its clean image both in business and Social reputation. A recent advertisement released by Tanishq not to use firecracker during Deepavali this year does not auger well to some people. I don't think such a message is so pinching some. Any message has its influence and so is the case with this message. People remaining under utter confusion whether to use firecrackers or not may change their views after going through such an advertisement. Though the main aim of Tanishq is to promote their business but they, too, have the social responsibility to educate the people to follow right path during the hours of crisis. While doing so, nothing appears illogical.

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    The Tanishq advertisement did not ask anyone not to buy new jewelry or new clothes. It just asked all the people not to use firecrackers for Diwali. This in tune with the NGT directive. The NGTbanned the use of firecrackers in all places where the air quality is below poor. Further air pollution may aggravate the Covid 19 condition in all such places. The Tanishq advertisement is helpful for the company as the people are likely to spend more on jewelry and clothes.
    There is no question of sentiment here. It is all about the health of the people. Those who are unhappy may probably not be thinking about health issues that may arise due to air pollution by using firecrackers.

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    Why the corporate companies are touching the religious card and sentiments through their ads and they very well know that the observers are on the prowl to look out for any loopholes and mistakes in the ads that may create religious outrage and certain section would take the advantage of tarnishing our image further. Though the advise of not using the fire crackers during the Deepavali is good for the message part of it but it is the prerogative of Hindus to burst crackers which signifies celebration of good over the evil and none has the rights to question our sentiments in public through ads.
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    Another advertisement of Tanishq is not good (as the author opined). I have not seen this advertisement but if banning firecrackers hurt some people they should not heed to such ads, what the big deal is. Every year it's heard some people are injured or burnt or died because of fire crackers. It's the personal matter of individuals if they like to enjoy their festival with fire crackers they can, nobody can stop them but at least they should take care lest they should face untoward incident which may change their happiness into sadness.

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    Many companies in their pursuit for marketing and advertisements forget to keep the basic premises in their considerations and when public hue and cry is made against that they simply withdraw it. The top management should look these things seriously and change the team or its leader who is not able to perform in the right spirit of the communications as presented in the advertisements or in the media advertisements for the company products. Every company should keep the basic environment and culture of the country in consideration before making an advertisement where human sentiments are encountered.
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    The company seriously lacks some creativity. Though the message may look good for themselves, it rakes up some religious issues. Raking up religious issues may work for political parties but not for the companies. Companies are there to make profits and their creative teams have to work in accordance with it. But in case of Tanishq, the creative team is continuously damaging its reputation. They are distancing the customers by themselves which is not good for the company.

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    I am also of the opinion that there is nothing wrong in the advertisement designed by Tanishq. This year it is better not to go for firecrackers. The smoke from firecrackers will affect our lungs. We will have breathing problems. COVID19 is playing havoc. Many are suffering. This will add to their sufferings. So it is good not to go for crackers this year. We should not purchase firecrackers imported from China which will help China. But keeping the health of the public it is better not to go for even Indian made firecrackers also.
    Tanishq never asked people not to go for new clothes, new jewellery and other celebrations. They only talked about firecrackers. So let us not worry about that. The advice is for the welfare of society only, Let us take this in that way. In India, people will become sentimental when somebody targets a particular religion. We can take their add as advice keeping an eye on their social responsibility.

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    Sankalan put it very aptly - "I do not know where are we really heading to." When a number of State Govts. are themselves totally banning firecrackers, why the furore over an advt. conveying a thoughtful message about it? This is not the time for sentiments and the association to a faith, but about sane decisions, about caring about other people's public health.

    It is disturbing to see not only the text of some of the the criticisms of the advt. that are coming up on social media platforms, but these being needlessly published as an add-on to newsfeeds on the issue. Why give vitriolic comments publicity?

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