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    If we cannot change with time then we are the losers.

    Life is not easy and going for many as challenges and setbacks would be the order of the day and those who regarded the time and felt the need to take actions in time are the winners, and those who postponed the issue and matters for the future date are those who aggravated their own life and thus pushed to the point of no return. So one should understand that we cannot change the time and we must be amicable and adaptable to the changes so that we swim along the time but against the tide goes the old saying.
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    I appreciate the author for writing on this topic. I agree that we should take our actions on right time and once we miss the opportunity of taking action on time we may incur an irreparable loss. Time is precious so we should use it wisely. Whatever positive idea comes in our mind to do something to be successful or achieving our goal we should not wait for the next day. We don't know delaying for a day may create problems for us and we may remain standing and opportunity slips away from our hands. In this situation, only repentance becomes Destiny which we are responsible for. We can't blame others or circumstances for not taking action on time.
    It's also a fact that we can't change circumstances and if the situation demands we should change ourselves to utilize the in-hand opportunities. Changeability and adaptability make life easy. If we cant change ourselves according to prevalent circumstances or surrounded ambience then Instead of clashing with kind of circumstances we should move ahead without touching them.

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    It is an acceptable comment by the author. There is a saying "A stitch in time saves nine". so performing the tasks on time will relieve us from last movement rush up. We can get enough time for preparation and analysis so that the final reports turn out better.
    Let me tell you that for the first time I could rewind the time not in the actual sense but whatsapp gave me an opportunity to get back a few hours and then come to normal time. This also reminds me the time machine concept embrassed in a few movies. In real time we have to be in pace with time. These days I cannot even image when it is afternoon and just by the blink of my eyes it is dawn, marching ahead to the next beautiful sun rise.

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    Time is not going to stop its duty and we have to catch up with it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Change is inevitable. We can't stop the changes. We have to change as per the changes that are happening around. If we say we will not change as per the changes that are happening we will not witness any growth and we may be struggling with the problems.
    Time will be always running and we can't stop time. We even can't go back into time. So we should change as time changes and we have to cope up with the changes that are taking place in the society. Some people may not change so easily saying that whatever has to happen will happen and we can't change our destiny. But that is not the correct thinking. From our side, we should amend ourselves as the time demands and we should try our best. Then only we will be successful in our attempts and we will have a better living. People who digest the changes easily and try will climb the ladder of success very fast.

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    If we want to maintain continuity in society, then we must leave our inertia and make our behavior change, only then our progress is possible. If we do not accept change, we become conservative. As the stagnant water rots, conservative people are unable to accept the change and are sad inside. Only small changes will make us better human beings, first of all, change our nature. As long as you keep paying attention to your wrong habits, those habits cannot change. When you change your focus, the wrong habits will stop getting energy. This will gradually change the wrong habit. Your mind should get a point, it will remain there until it finds another. While making changes in habits, hard work is done, but later there is also happiness. Therefore, the changes you want to see in society or in life, bring that change in yourself.

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    Change is a thing that is happening at every moment but we cannot visualise it and generally ignore it and neither align ourselves with it nor accommodate with it and the result is the disaster in our lives as we have missed the opportunity. Changing with time is a necessity and if we cannot modify our ways and methods with time we will lose miserably in our results and suffer.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Change is the rule of the world. We should accept the challenge of change. Only then we can get success. We should cope up with change otherwise we may suffer. Those people who never change with time may face the problem. Change is another name of life. The human body feels many changes from birth to death. People who accepts this change are believed to be fit for life. Changing with time is inevitable. We should be ready for that.

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    If change is the rule of the world then why people are wasting time for no reason.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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