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    Refusing to hand over the keys to next successor

    In our life when we are so much possessed with a job or position which we cherish and enjoy and suddenly a new incumbent is appointed and we are asked to handover the charges to him, that would be very challenging moment. The same has been happening with out going President Donald Trump as he is still hoping miracles can happen and the results reversed. But the voters gave the baton to Biden team and Trump has to come to the terms of life and by refusing to hand over the keys to new government he and his party inviting further wrath fo US people.
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    It is not only in one country, state, institute or family but a common thing everywhere. The people in power do not want to let go of the power or position and would always resist to hand over the keys to next successor/person. We can easily see it in our family, friends and even society where committee changes and the former members keep on coming up with lame excuses or mistakes so that they withdraw from their post/position and they take the charge. When a good person knows his/her worth, they would always welcome the next person/successor to the won position/post without any delay or remark and would be their support to help them understand and learn things that are required to make things work. It is said that we need to stop singing when we are at our peak so that people respect you for your talent and accomplishment or else they will pull you down which is more hurting and insulting. In the case of former US President Donald Trump, the people and the SC will look into the matter and come up with the best solution at the earliest.
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    True. Many MPs in India don't want to vacate their quarters officially allotted to them even after their term is over and are not reelected. We heard many cases like this. People can't come out of the chairs so easily. They will try to retain the chair somehow or other.
    Donald has to handover the keys to his successor. He can't deny that. If he does it there are authorities and agencies who can come into action and see that the transfer will take place normally. Still, time is there. The new president will occupy his office in January 2021. So we need not worry. He will handover as and when the time comes.
    It is very difficult to digest the result and Donald is facing that problem now. I think he went to court for some issues and thinking that he need not vacate till the verdict comes. But it may not be correct and he will be sent out without any mercy if he continues in the office even after the term overs.

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    I never thought that this would happen in the United States of America, a country that leads all the countries in this world. The US is supposed to be a gentlemen state with decent politicians. Donald Trump proved it wrong. As Joe Biden has been declared as winner of the election with more votes than Trump, Trump should not try to hold the keys. If he doesn't hand over the office, the law enforcement authorities will have their day with Donal Trump. Donald would be in big trouble.
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    High position is a very lucrative thing. Once someone gets it one feels that it has become ones parental property and feels much in leaving it. This is a very common thing and now the president of US has also shown one current example of this. I have one personal experience about this that in our organisation, long back, some restructuring was done and I was sent to take charge of a unit at some other place. When I reached there the already existing manager told me that he would not vacate the room and neither give me a place to sit and he also refused to go to the other place where he was given an inferior position. He remained adament and when he got a good banging from the headquarters then only he left the place and handed over the keys. So, even in a small post of manager people are feeling it and president of US is definitely a much bigger position to remain clung to it.
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    Once someone occupies the esteemed position and even after the expiry of the said term, he would not like to hand over the facilities enjoyed during his stay in the term. Though the results of presidential election of America has been released and the election result goes in favour of Mr Biden. It has upset Mr Trump and under the severe stress, he proclaimed to go to the court for the intervention of the recent election result. Now Mr Trump has to step down in the upcoming month January 2021. He would definitely behave like a matured person so that there is smooth transition of powers. Hence still there is a time for Mr Trump to exit gracefully. He might have the expectation of regaining the power but the situation is otherwise. He would calm himself by that time and hope that transition would take peacefully.

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    Although the results of the US presidential elections are clearly in favor of Biden, Donald Trump is clearly refusing to accept them. Former US President and Republican leader George Bush have congratulated Joe Biden on being elected the new President of America. With this, he has also appealed to Trump to give up now. He said that I know there have been political differences between us, but I also know that Biden is a good man. At the same time, Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner has also told Donald Trump to accept his defeat. It may be difficult for a politician to leave their position but the time is to calmly accept the situation.

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