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    Employer - Employee relations should be above the doubts

    The set up of either in central or state government departments and even in companies would prove that the hierarchy of big post accompanies with responsibilities and commitments to which from the low rank to high rank officers are held equally responsible for the progress of any department or the company and in that case the relations between the employer and employee should not have the doubts because both have the right to demand each others requirements and thereby there cannot be third party interventions to settle the disputes. Cordial relations pave way for more working.
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    The relations will be good always. The difference may come in the views of the person on a particular issue. Whatever we talk or discuss will be based on that point only and we will never have any personal enmity with our colleagues either seniors or juniors. When there is a discussion on any subject, the point made by all the participants will be taken with respect to that particular only. Nothing personal in this. There is no second opinion about this. If we conduct our self in the above way they there is no chance for doubts.
    In the employee, if the employer has no faith, continuing in that job by the employee is very difficult. So it is the responsibility of the employee to work in such a way that the employer will never lose faith him and will never doubt him. If the employee has no faith in his employer or having some doubts about the employer, he has to look for an alternative and leave the present job once he got another placement.

    always confident

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    Whether private or Government, the employees should have some moral responsibility in them that their workings towards the common goal of organization. Employees should keep their mind in unity that co employees also for the company and not for any individual.

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