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    Can one survive with his talkative ability?

    There are people who are sober, introvert, extrovert and talkative persons. While sober persons are reserved type and would not venture out to make new friends. The introvert persons are those who are intelligent but would not expose themselves. The extrovert persons are those who has good command over their actions and works and the talkative persons are those who keep on talking and engaging others with their traits and progress, What is the position of survival quotient for the persons who have talkative abilities ?
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    Talkative ability alone may not make you survive. Some people talk too much and the work turn out from them is zero. Such people can't be successful in their lives. They may pull on for some time and then they will lose their ground.
    Some people work quietly but never expose themselves. Such people also may not get the required weightage when their performance is evaluated. So we should present our achievements to the people to whom we report and to the other people in our department. Otherwise, somebody else may get the benefit by projecting your work as theirs.
    There should be a balance always. Project your good work so that people will understand you correctly. At the same time don't go on talking without any point. People may consider you as a man of words only but not as a man of actions. Be cautious.

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    Late Sanjay Gandhi gave a slogan when he was active in politics "Kaam adhik baten kam" (work more, talk less). It is a great Mantra of success. We should focus on work instead of talking too much.
    My nephew is an engineer in KSA he went to Japan for 2 months on behalf of his company , he shared his experience with me that Japanese don't talk when they are involved in work, even at other places he saw them doing some work instead of gossiping on politics or sports.

    Some people are too much talkative. Where ever they are their tongues do not take a break once they start talking and you have to tolerate their humbug. I prefer to ignore these people , merely changing the topic does not stop them. It wonders me how energetic they are in conversation because too much talking exhausts energy but they keep on talking for hours without exhaustion.

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    Some people are expert in art of talking and can impress others and even can get their work done through their ways of persuasion and associated charm. But it does not succeed everywhere and once they are caught by the people that they only talk and their actions are nowhere seen then they lose their respect. So, it is better to be concise in talks and rather focus in the work in hand.
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