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    The advantages of being a miser!

    Today in the society some rich and affluent people spend money and then feel great with that pomp and show. Gullible and weak middle class people follow them and lose money. Many of us blindly go for show offs which are in fact not required for a healthy and happy life. Those who spend with a thought or those who do not spend mindlessly are seen as miser people. People criticise them at their backs also. I have some observations in this regard. Miser people gain in many respects in their lives. As they will not waste money in luxuries, they will like to do their work themselves that would keep them busy and active. Then, if they have to go for a distance of say 500 metres to 1 kilometre then they would take it as a walk only and go on foot. They would not waste food and if wasted give it to animals. All these good habits in fact are advantageous to them as they would have a good health due to these disciplines which they have adopted themselves and feel happy about it. Members may like to comment on this.
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    A good Miser is he who spend economically to meet their needs, avoiding unnecessary, lavish expenditure to show off. It would be better to lead such miserly life. But there are hard core Misers who have enough money and don't spend but only save for nothing. They don't lead a comfortable and happy life. Such misers are called as "Filtered Misers". In Tamil we call them 'Vadi Kattina Kanjan".
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    I think being economical is good for a balanced life. Spending too much money may cause problems in future if of the income is not sufficient to live a comfortable life. Being miser and being spendthrift both are wrong. Both are opposite to each other. Miser is the person who doesn't spend money at any cost and sometimes he faces serious problems for not spending money where he was supposed to spend and as result he spends extra money to come out from the problem.
    e.g. a miser falls ill. He needs a doctor but he does not go to doctor because his fee is Rs 100, So he buys a tablet of Rs 10 from a chemist instead but chemist is not a doctor, and this tablet does reaction to his body , now he has no option except taking the medicine from a doctor but he had to spend Rs 500 to be cured.
    A spendthrift is the person who spends money unnecessarily. This expenditure may be for show off or emulation with others or luxeries. Bottomline is that he spends money without considering how much income he has. When he undergoes any exigency he has not sufficient amount to cope up the problem and he has to take the debt from people.
    I agree with the author that we should not waste our money. We should spend it economically.

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    One should not be a spendthrift. He need not be a miser. At the same time, he should not waste money. Wasting money on unwanted issues is never a good trait. I have seen people wasting money on unnecessary purchases. As mentioned by the author some people by seeing others go for waste purchases. Even though they are not rich they will try to take loans and spend that money. So one should learn from a person who always balances his income and expenses.
    I have seen some misers. They want to enjoy but they don't want to spend from their pockets. They will try to encourage the people around them to spend. This is also a very bad trait. Some people are very generous they will spend all their money on others and when a real need comes they will not have any money with them and others may not help them.
    Never spend by seeing others. You decide your requirement and purchase as per that. But don't go for purchases to show others that you are also a rich man. False prestige will spoil families.

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    I completely agree with the author on this matter. Misers individuals have enough money at all times, but they never take out that money. Even though these people are stingy, there is enough stock of everyday things in their house. You must have noticed that very stingy people quarrel with someone. They negotiate in small matters but do not quarrel with anyone. Feelings of jealousy and malice are also not found inside these individuals because they remain cool in their saved money. These are miser but they have all kinds of work in their house, but they rarely used them. And the biggest beneficiary is anyone will not asking for a loan from a stingy person.

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    Misers would not spend nor know how to manage the money and on the other hand spend thrifts know how to spend money but does not know how important to spend money.
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    There is no need to show off and I think it is not much important to pay heed if somebody says something about our spending habits if we spend cautiously. I would like to quote one interesting line from the thread. "Those who spend with a thought or those who do not spend mindlessly are seen as miser people". It indicates it is the opinion of others about the person and not related in any way to the meaning of the term miser. One must be cautious while spending money and if money is spent unnecessarily on items which will be of little or no use then it is simply a wastage.

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