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    365 = 1. A theory to study on Deepavali.

    We all talk about fireworks on Diwali day. The government has banned bursting of crackers on the lovely Deepavali day and put a restriction to use only green firecrackers. It is said that there would be severe air pollution due to bursting of crackers.

    Just think about the air pollution caused by the vehicles on the roads in a year of 365 days. And compare with the airpollution that would cause in a day on Diwali celebration.

    Has our government taken any serious step to control the severe air pollution caused by the vehicles during the 365 days? But they are very serious about air pollution caused in one day of Diwali festival. Is it not 365 =1.

    By banning the firecrackers that we were bursting in the past, we are making our own people suffering without employment. The firework companies and the employees are the worst affected. It is Okay to ban Chinese crackers, but not Indian crackers.

    Your comments.
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    I personally like bursting firecrackers during festivals as it adds to the fun and joy of the festivals. During our school time, we would burst many crackers with our friends and families in our society which would double the enjoyment. Later they brought restrictions in timing and we would try to complete our bursting before the said time but loved it. As time changed, we have brought in many new rules that actually take away the fun and adore of the festival.

    During our childhood days, Diwali was known as the festival of light, fun, sweets, crackers and puja. It is true that many do get some problem with noise and air pollution but do you think that people burst a lot of crackers? As highlighted by the writer, throughout the year, we see air, sound, water pollution but never mind it and on some important day, keeps on posting or tagging about it and show solidarity. Why do people sleep the full year and wake up on these days? It is not about Diwali, Christmas, New year, Holi, Eid, Baisakhi, Onam, Dussehra or festival but our people's mindset.

    We as the citizen of our country, we need to keep vigilant every day, every time and play our role in keeping it safe and sound throughout 365x24 and not just pop-up during festive days and show one's concern. Let people celebrate and make merry of their festival like they did in the earlier days to get the maximum of the festival than banning everything in the name of some issues which are throughout the year but emerge during festivals only. Let us come together and share our joy with everyone than being and hindrance in their celebration.

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    A question was raised- do you think that people burst a lot of crackers? - Of course they do! There are groups that gather and do so in public places, in parks and even on roads, endangering vehicular traffic and pedestrians. All of us will have enjoyed them in our childhood days, but as we grew up we have realized their danger to our and others' health. Do we really want our lungs damaged? Do we want to be responsible for causing grief to an asthmatic patient and, in the current pandemic, to somebody affected by Covid? Besides, it is not about just one day. The festival is for five days and in recent years people start lighting a couple of days before and even after it ends.

    The reason why the issue comes up each year is that the firecrackers are adding to the already polluted air. Why make things worse than it already is? If during festivals we can take a small step towards doing something good, why not support it? Yes, pollution at other times should also be controlled. Do we need Govts. to police us on that, and issue official regulations not to pollute the air, water and soil? As for fireworks' manufacturing units being affected, well, the MSME can take the initiative to set up some alternative sources of income with a helping hand to start a business that is not harmful to the environment or affects public health in general.

    We need to make thoughtful decisions at the appropriate times and since it happens to be a festival, what is wrong in taking the decision to ban firecrackers? There are even occasions like marriages, cricket matches, New Year's Eve and other festivals when firecrackers are lit. At each of these times also, on an individual level, we need to rethink and not light them.

    As for polluting the air, if you are that concerned, do you need a fuel-guzzling vehicle and that too more than one? Use public transport.

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    To make the festival a happier event, and to provide employment to the fireworks factory workers, can't we wear masks and enjoy fire crackers? Anyone allergic to sound pollution can block their ears for a day. I do not think that bursting of crackers have taken the life of too many people. Just compare the pollution accumulated for 365 days and a day's pollution added to it. It is nothing when compared with the pollution we create day to day.

    There can be some restriction with regard to the time and place to burst crackers, but not a complete ban.

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    Pollution is a serious issue which is to be addressed by all. It is not only on the day of the festival but also on all the days. This is a fact. Nobody can deny this. The governments should make a plan of action and implement and the public should cooperate in implementation. Are we really doing that? Many people smoke in public places. Are they not responsible for pollution? Why smoking can't be banned? The government will never do that because they lose heavy revenue on that. If they want to ban crackers let them ban for all the festivals during the entire year. Why only for Deepawali.
    I feel banning this year crackers is justifiable. COVID 19 is creating havoc. The emissions from these firecrackers will further damage our lungs and people will be more prone to the virus. Health is important. So banning them for this festival this year may be in the interest of the public only. But banning it forever for Deepawali alone is not logical.

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    Mr. Rao,
    What are you thinking about the virus and crackers, and justifying the ban?
    Can't we all wear a mask and protect our lungs from the smoke? Asthma patients can stay indoors and avoid moving out on the festival day.
    When the whole of India can ring the bell and beat the drum to pollute the air with sounds, What's wrong if we make noise by bursting crackers.
    Mask is the solution to escape from pollution, not banning the crackers.

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    We should control all types of pollution creating things all the days in a year. Just keeping a ban on one day is not going to help much. Vehicles have to be fitted with equipments to control or minimise pollution. There are many industries which are to be sternly treated for controlling pollution. A lot of efforts have already taken up by the Govt and still a lot of things are to be addressed if we have to get rid of this menace of pollution. People are using fire crackers during processions, marriage parties, functions and it has to be stopped. The question of reemployment of the people employed in fireworks and related factories is also a big problem and how to engage so many people in some other industry. So there are a lot of things to be done which would reduce the overall pollution in the country and once such steps are taken then using firecrackers Diwali will also be stopped. We have to take a holistic view of the problem.
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    It has become a practice to single out festivals like Deepavali and Holi every year on one pretext or other and show only the ill effects and completely wipe them out strategically. In Holi, water is wasted and in Deepavali air gets polluted and throughout the year we are purifying the air with cars and providing potable water from industries and drainage pipe of Air Conditioners.

    We have a short memory and an even shorter thinking horizon. It's hardly 2 months back when we saw the cleanest air and clean river during the lockdown, but it is still hard to understand this for those advocating a ban on firecrackers. Why did we get such a clean environment? I think everyone knows but few will accept.

    Even more so, we will shout that people were losing jobs, and businesses were shut down due to lockdown. Yes! it is true but what about banning the firecracker and closing the entire industry which is totally labor-intensive.

    Will not there be job loss?
    All those daily wage earners will not lose anything?
    Who will feed their families?
    Who will provide them with money during festivals?
    Who will light a lamp at their doors?
    Will Government give them direct cash transfer for loss of livelihood?
    Will we go to their home and share our earnings with them?

    I can go on asking a thousand questions.

    Answer to each of them will be a big NO!

    There are always flip sides to each and every issue and when both the things are important, then the middle path is chosen. Decisions are not taken overnight. If you really want to ban crackers ban them forever, why just till 30th November?
    At the first place, why was the licence was provided to the manufacturing units when their products were to be banned at the last moment?

    Article 19, Clause 1, sub-section 'g' of the Indian Constitution states that "All the citizens shall have the right to practice any profession or to carry on any occupation, trade or business."

    Better alter the Constitution before altering the lives of lakhs overnight.

    Last year the Supreme Court itself has said and I quote "We do not wish to generate unemployment" "You must tell us some way of preventing unemployment also. We cannot have people unemployed and hungry. There are areas where firecrackers can be used."

    We cry unemployment and then ensure that it remains the same so that we can cry again.

    With regard to the issue of air pollution, if people are smart enough to find fault in each festival then they are even smarter to find a solution to their individual problems. I too have a brother with an Asthama problem and a dog that is afraid of sound pollution but till now both have survived and survived well.

    If we have so much heart and pain for those suffering due to pollution then where does this heart goes when the livelihood of a poor is lost? Why this pain is selective? Why should the Government take care of everything and everyone? What is our responsibility?

    Anyway, the Government has administration and police in its hand and it will use it to punish a few who will burst crackers and then publicize it so much that everyone will start to believe that bursting cracker is a crime. Be assured people will stop bursting crackers or even celebrating any festival. It will just be another holiday and will sit at home and thank god that there is no pollution this time.

    Other major causes of air pollution are stubble burning and car emission. Stubble burning is a major issue around NCR that causes air pollution and for the same reason alternate methods were suggested and funds and machinery provided to the states and the state Government was entrusted to collect stubble from farmers so that they do not burn it. Even incentives were provided for not burning the stubble.

    Haryana and UP had managed to bring down the incident of stubble burning by almost 30% compared to last year but Punjab has seen double the increase in stubble burning this year and air pollution NCR has risen in the past week itself.

    For car emission, alternate energy methods are now implemented and electric vehicles will be the new norm, and work upon it is already going and many companies have already launched electric vehicles. The only issue is their high cost which will come down in near future.

    Regarding the Covid pandemic, people are not following the basic precautions advised, then why this hue and cry about pollution.

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    Do you think that masks can protect people from all the dense fumes that are coming from firecrackers? If you feel they are 100% protect you from fumes, OK go ahead. I have no problem. But keep the health of other people also in mind.
    Thousands of people are starving for food as they lost their jobs because of COVID 19. Still, they have no clue how to get a job. If we can donate to the money what we are spending on these crackers they have their food on a festival day.

    always confident

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    Pollution is proving to be the biggest problem with the increased density of the traffic contributing to the major source of pollution. Even our manufacturing industries are not lagging behind in the enhancement of pollution. All the leading industries such as Power Plants, Steel plants, Alumunium and Copper Industries are the chief contributors of pollution since there is no installation of apparatus arresting the pollution level, though the inspector of factories are deployed to examine the pollution level of each industry but still we are not serious about it.
    Deepavali is on the offing and rate of pollution on this particular day can be managed with the minimum use of firecrackers, but we have the genuine apprehension seeing the attitudes of our people. In fact, a wide campaign is needed to make the people conscious of pollution aspect. Hopefully, people would realise it.

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    Mr. Rao,
    If you practically see the bursting of the firecrackers, you won't see the polluted atmosphere permanently. The smoke remains for a while and vanishes. During that period, we can cover our face with a mask and avoid inhaling the polluted air.

    Tell me, why a sick guy who knows that the cracker smoke would harm him should leave the house and watch the fire work? They should take precautionary action.

    We celebrated Deepavali for many centuries happily by bursting crackers, and why a sudden ban now? I am sure, if we burst crackers, we can bring an end to the deadly Covid.
    The atmosphere won't be favourable for the virus to survive. No one gave a good thought to this before ordering a ban.

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    After reading the post and the replies of many who are hellbent on bursting firecrackers during Diwali this time I would only say that it has become our habit to justify one wrong with another. It is something like 'If they can commit a crime why can't we?'

    I am quoting from a response that says **Article 19, Clause 1, sub-section 'g' of the Indian Constitution states that "All the citizens shall have the right to practice any profession or to carry on any occupation, trade or business."**. Well, I think Article 19, Clause 6 has taken care of the word any profession/occupation. Any profession/occupation does not mean that people will be permitted to carry out a profession that harms the environment or affect people in some way.


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    The author has been advocating no ban for the crackers on Deepavali citing that the labors associated with the fireworks manufacture would be highly affected. But the author has forgotten the fact that Delhi has been reeling under extreme weather pollution and increasing day by day. The abetting states are causing much pollution to the NCR and thus banning the crackers would be best in the interest of the people of Delhi. And regarding concern for the fire cracker workers. the manufacturers can always retain them by giving employment for safety match manufacturing and thus new ray of hope can be tried.
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    You are talking about safety match manufacturing units. Do you know that the use of safety matches in our home has been reduced due to gas stoves? To ignite a gas stove, a lighter being used. just imagine the number of houses using gas and lighters. Many have stopped smoking and the use of matchbox has been reduced. And the smokers use gas lighters to lit the cigarettes. Therefore, it won't be possible to provide employment to all the fireworks industry workers in safety match manufacturing units alone.

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