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    Social distancing vs Physical distancing

    We have been hearing "Social distancing " since the break out of covid 19. We are reminded to keep social distancing from other people because we don't know who are we coming in contact with may be infected with this virus. Being sceptical in this regard and keeping onself staying away from others is not wrong at all. But this term Social Distancing is incorrect in itself. It implies negative connotation. Entire world society is divided into different segments based on money, power, colour, language, region, religion, culture, ethnicity, developmental aspect etc. There is clear demarcation between superior and inferior, powerful and weak, developed and developing, developing and underdeveloped, forward and backward, one religion vs another religion and the list goes on.
    Based on different factors one superior group keeps social distancing from inferior group. They are hesitant to free mixing. Do we not observe and experience that upper class of our society keeps a social distancing from lower class?
    This social distancing creates division between the people. I think correct word is "Physical distancing" and staying away from each other to protect ourselves from getting infected of cornovurus.
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    I also think we might have termed it as physical distance. But why called it social distancing? There may be a reason. Probably as we have to maintain distance with all people in the society irrespective of their caste, creed, job position or financial status, we have to keep the distance. It is not you alone. The whole of society has to follow the rule. Maybe that is the reason why they called it the social distance. Generally, a rich man may be keeping a distance from a poor man but not from a rich man. Similarly, a poor man may be keeping a distance from a rich man but not from a poor man. There is a discrimination factor involved in this. But in the present situation, two rich people also can't go together. They have to maintain a distance. That means there is no discrimination and universally this is to be followed. Is it the reason they call it the social distance? Maybe.
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    What you have said makes sense but social distancing has positive and negative both conotations. Literally, social distancing is related to socializing with other people by keeping distance. It may be applied to any intentional gathering such as marriage function but if you are in market you are not socializing but shopping, here all the people should physically be standing at distance. It will be physical distancing and not social distancing. When you are socializing or interacting with people you are taking care of physical distancing too.

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    Right from the Covid start and its spread the words are wrongly used as social distancing and it should have been physical distancing. In reality there should not be close contacts with the other persons who may have infected the virus and even spread. By distancing ourselves physically we are saving ourselves and also others to have safety from our side. Social distancing is something connected to group meetings and engaging of group activities. But physical distancing is concerned about maintaining safe distance between the persons so that the virus would not spread further. Therefore for the better understanding of this henceforth we should also mention about physical distancing in the write ups and articles and not social distancing. Social distancing refers to boycotting the gathering altogether and that would not happen.
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