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    Taunting children is not good parenting.

    Many parents keep scolding and taunting children all the time. They scold the child for not doing his studies, for not doing anything at work, for not cleaning his room, for not making the right hairstyle, every little thing. Even if the number of elder brothers or sisters does not be good in the family, the parents scold the elder, but at the same time, they also scold the younger child that at least he should pay attention to his studies. Such behavior causes parents to do great harm to their children, they get tense, their personality is suppressed, development is interrupted. If parents have any complaint with their child then try to explain it with love. That will make a positive effect, child will listen to them as well.
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    I have also seen such scenes in some houses. In one house I have seen the mother of a nine year old child treat her badly and made the daughter as a cause of all her mistakes. She,mother, pour water erroneously on the ground but made her child as cause in order to escape from scoldings of husband. Further in the thought of controlling the mother torturing the daughter in many angles. The daughter,a child suffers untold.

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    True. Elders should have the patience and they should deal with the children with a lot of patience. But these days both the parents of the children are very busy and they don't have sufficient time. Whatever little time they get they will use for social media on their mobile or laptop. So they have no patience. They think that children should follow their instructions like a machine. They never give sufficient time to their children. I have seen some mothers who will be busy with their mobiles even while they feed food to their kids.
    But kids will not understand the issue so easily and they always feel happy if somebody is attending them. So the elders should spend sufficient time with their children and teach them what is good and what is bad. They have to explain to them very carefully. Then they will definitely follow what we are trying to tell them. If grandparents are staying with the children, they can explain the issues better to them by talking to them.

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    I think we should not scold children for little things. Children can do bad and naughty. We need to guide them properly and affectionately without hurting. Theirs is the small little world don't spoil their happiness. Even if then are not interested in studies for some time. Allow them some space to express their intention and if they do anything wrong guide them to the straight path.
    Taunting children could create problems later on. They may become naughty and disobey parents when scolded often at home. I think freedom is important for children and we should not restrict it and spoil their childhood. Guide them with caution.

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    If the chikdren do mistakes they should be made realize the error of ways affectionately instead of scolding them at every mistake but there should be a clear demarcation between ignorable and scoldable mistakes. if they do such a mistake which can spoil them in future they should be scolded, especially, when they sass to any elder they should be made apologize to them. I see many children whose every mistake is ignored by their parents. It may prove detrimental for children. Generally children are naughty and most of their naughtiness should be ignored until they cross the limit of decency. They should be made feel sorry for those indecent activities.

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    I do agree with the author that chiding, scolding and taunting children are the bad traits and children would get spoiled if we control them too much. I have never taunted my two children and in fact behave like a friend for them and they also would be close with me. Children should feel the coziness with the parents and that does not mean we should pamper them and at the same time we should not impose more curbs and control and that would be giving negative effects on them. Be normal and reasonable to their demands and appreciate their good traits and be a good follower and guide.
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    Most of the children having play mind. They always want to do fun. They are innocent by nature. They can't differentiate what is good or what Is bad. We need a lot of patience to take care of children. Taunting and chiding to children is considered as bad parenting. Children should be treated affectionately. More strict behaviour would affect their personality in future. So, we should try to treat them lovingly as much as possible. I have noticed that those children grow up by scolding way their personality is completely different. So, let them have fun and control them with peace.

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    Those parents who talk or treat their children in sarcastic ways or use taunting languages should remember that these children are very sharp in picking up these things and hey will also start doing same things in their own small ways and then the parents might not like that.
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    Our children are our main companion of the future and they are going to be our lasting pillar and strength and therefore there should be give and take policy and not demanding or taunting them. For whom none of them are so close the children see the parents as their guide, philosopher , mentor and above all the only close friend. That is the reason being so the father is always dear to the girl child and the mother more affectionate to the boy child. And too much possession with the children are also danger because they will depend on the parents for every need and deed and that would make them introvert and sulking.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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