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    I'm not worried about the mistakes but I'm when I don't commit one

    We are humans, not robots so, we commit mistakes. The errors that a human commits are not failure but the stepping stone towards success. When we commit mistakes it only reflects how a particular thing can be done in a better way. Human errors enable us to make things better in the next attempt. It is ok to make mistakes. People strive for perfection but still commit mistakes. It is entrenched in humans that we commit errors and then rectifies them.
    It is almost difficult to avoid mistakes and getting messed up or commit errors in life. Don't hesitate to do mistakes because they will only make you better. If you aren't committing mistakes you are not learning new thing.
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    True. Our mind become restless even we did some mistake. But when we accused for a mistake which we are not responsible, our situation is so worst rather than earlier.

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    Doing a mistake is not a crime. Sometimes we commit mistakes unknowingly. We should take that as an opportunity to learn. We should understand the mistake committed by us and we should not do that mistake again. If we follow this rule we can be happy that we are in the right direction.
    Some people go on doing the same mistake and they will never bother about that. That attitude is never advisable. Always doing the same mistake is nothing but carelessness. Carelessness can't be excused. Intentionally doing a mistake is a crime, in my opinion.
    Mistakes are opportunities for us to improve our knowledge and understanding. But we can understand the mistakes by seeing others and we need not the same mistake. We should learn from others mistakes also not alone from the mistakes committed by us alone.

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    Mistake is always done unintentionally. Doing mistakes is a comman thing. But doing same mistakes is foolishness. We should learn from our mistakes and we should be more careful about those mistakes especially which can be harmful for us, you or other person. If you are working in any company , a few mistakes may be forgiven but if you continue committing mistakes , you will be expelled from the job. Some mistakes are quite fatal which can't be forgiven. A patient is undergoing a surgery and the surgeon who is operating commits a small mistake which results in death of wretched patient. Should he be forgiven ? or should he commit the same mistake again while doing surgery because to err is human.

    I think that the author meant to say about normal mistakes which are not fatal in nature and generally all of us do in our daily lives.

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    Mistakes happen when people try to do something or undertake a job. An idle person will do no mistakes. Any failure or setback or error in our work or subsequent to its completion is a part of the game and is to be taken in that way only. Mistakes are the stepping stones for rectifying them in future endeavours and proceeding ahead after necessary correction. If someone is working but not committing mistakes the it would be a surprising thing as mistakes can also happen due to many external causes which are beyond the control of a person.
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    No need to worry even if you do not make a mistake. I think you cannot commit a mistake because mistakes are always unintentional. People can commit a crime knowing its a crime but in case of mistake, it's different. It's true that humans are prone to making mistakes because of various factors and we learn things after it is rectified. To reduce mistakes, we need a lot of practice and therefore we must practice things before carrying out the actual act. It's like practising the lessons/tasks before the exams. In exams, marks are deducted for any mistake and beforehand students practice lessons so that they can score well. Not making any mistake not necessarily mean you do not work, it can also mean that you did it in the right way.

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    Nice post from the author. Committing mistake is the general trait of any individual and mistakes should happen so that we come out of the challenging situation and learn the process of out to bail out. Some times others mistakes are being slamped on us and we have to face the tune for their fault. For example for being a guarantor some times if the lending person fail to pay money or go for hinding, the guarantor would be held responsible to pay the dues and I have seen one case where in a central government employee has singed as the surety and the lending person has made him to pay the money as the loan taker was absconding and not traceable. This way the mistake was not intentionally done but to help some one who deceived and fled away and the onus falls and that has to be accepted and honored.
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