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    Why politicians blame EVMs every time?

    Regardless of the party, politicians every time blame the functioning of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). Always the losing parties start to blame the EVMs. In the recently concluded Bihar elections, Rahul Gandhi branded the EVMs as MVMs (Modi Voting Machines). But still, the Exit Polls gave the mandate to Maha Gath Bandhan. But the original results are showing the other way. I am sure that politicians will start the blame game of EVMs again. Are the EVMs really vulnerable? Why can't the political parties concede the defeat gracefully?
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    Bihar is also going in favour of NDA. As per the results and trends, NDA already obtained the required majority for forming the government. In all the byelections also BJP won. The most surprise win is in Dubbaka of Telangana where BJP won over TRS. Now all the parties who lost will try to blame EVMs only.
    Unfortunately, no leader in our country accepts their loss gracefully. They blame the system. The blame the ruling party. They blame Election commission. They blame so many other points which are no relevance. So nobody takes these points seriously. I don't think EVMs are malfunctioning. This is only a blame game.
    Nitish is having a good name in Bihar and he is leading the NDA. So people might have voted to him with faith and confidence. The opposition should understand the facts and should concentrate on fighting for the cause of the people. Then only people will have confidence in these leaders.

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    They cannot concede defeat easily and that's why start blaming something or the other when they are defeated in any election. Exit polls are just predictions and may not come true always. The problem in our country is nowadays, we have election strategists to win elections. The priority of the parties ruling the state or the centre is not the development, rather they remain interested to stay in power for a long duration and plan strategies for that. I am sure all of you will agree that a majority of the politicians do not have any ethics. They switch affiliation according to their will and say whatever they feel like in public rallies without even thinking what may be the consequences. We cannot expect from such persons to concede defeat easily and it has become a nature to blame either some authorities or the machine when they are defeated. Actually blaming a machine is very easy because machines will not hit back or file a complaint.

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    The same thing related to elections makes the electoral process challenging, and the credibility of this complex electoral process is determined by how strong the process of counting votes cast for the election is. Talking about the electoral history of India, before the use of EVM machines, elections at different levels across the country have been affected by incidents such as attacks on polling stations, ballot papers, and these attacks have worked for political parties used to have anti-social elements. However, the authenticity of these machines has been questioned from time to time. Often, the parties who lose elections raise the question that these machines can be hacked.

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    A dancer who doesn't know dancing would blame the stage. Same is the case with politicians who could not win would blame the voting machine or the ballot papers. This will continue to exist as long as election exists.
    Machines won't go wrong unless we set it wrong. The machines are set correctly and accepted by the representatives.

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    I completely forgot to mention about the article Are Electronic Voting Machines in India really vulnerable that was posted some time ago. While politicians have the habit of blaming something or the other for a loss, the machines are manufactured/programmed by human beings only.

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    I have been mentioning in many responses that exit polls are not exact poll predictions and that is proved in Bihar election also. Almost all the media and newspaper virtually wiped off the chances of NDA and gave full numbers to the MGB and now we have seen the reversal. if EVM's were to be blamed then how come RJD has relatively well and it was initially leading and even thought that they would form the government. But everything changed from the middle of the trends and NDA has roped in but far away from simple majority. One thing is sure this kind of fractured verdict would pave way for defections in future.
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    I have gone through your article. I have experience in writing firmware on different microcontrollers. If we go by what you said in your Article, if the program is written on the ROM (PROM or OTP memory) of the microcontroller, no one can change it. If the program is written to the internal Flash memory or an externally connected Flash memory, we can reprogram it provided it should have an external interface like USB, UART, SPI, JTAG, etc. Since you are telling that there is no external interface, it is impossible to program the EVM unless we break open the EVM and take out the external Flash memory and reprogram it by some other means.

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    @Sankalan Bhattacharya

    Your article is simply great. I think it is very relevant to this thread. EVM is vulnerable as most of the countries have stopped using it. Opposition parties are also skeptical about the usage of electronic voting machine. Also I advocate to go back to ballot paper as Dr Rao commented on Your article Then opposition parties will have no voice to raise against the victory of the winning party.

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    Very many congrats to NDA for roping to power again and this time the win was through BJP and not from JDU. The NDA has got 125 seats now and all set to form the next govt probably under the BJP and not Nitish Kumar. What is more surprising that Tejeswi Maha Gatbandan could give great fight and ended up with 110 seats. So when opposition is also getting good seats, how can they blame the EVM playing spoil sport every time. What is more surprising in this election that LJP which severed ties with NDA and gone alone could get only one seat and the sentiments of Paswan death does not create vote for that party. And more surprising is the fact that the Hyderabad based AIMIM making in roads into Seemanchal area by bagging 5 seats and that prevented MGB to wrest power from NDA.
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    With the tough fight between NDA (125 seats)and MGB(110 seats), we cannot blame the EVMs for winning or losing the elections.
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    Bhuvan @#714705, I do agree with you about the program written on ROM of the microcontroller. I have also mentioned in the article about some possibilities, though this is not any blame game. Every government, at any time, wish to exercise control on many of its machinery and since the EVMs are manufactured by two public-sector units, the microcontrollers can be programmed according to the wish of some individuals during the manufacturing process, though it's only a distant possibility. After all, machines are manufactured by humans only.

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    I agree that while manufacturing itself if the program is written to execute in a particular way, then there may be chances of manipulation. But do all the EVMs are manufactured in the current regime only? Are we not using older EVMs? Don't the electoral officers show the demo to different parties before the elections? Can't the VVPAT slips be used to confirm with the voting pattern?

    I think it is a simple blame game political parties use to find some excuse as you told earlier.

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    One more thing I want to clarify that at the time of manufacturing, we can program a particular button to act in particular manner. But even if the buttons are programmed to work maliciously at the time of manufacturing, no one knows whose name will appear at what position in the EVMs during elections.

    So, there is remote possibility that EVMs can be manipulated.

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    @K Mohan: Since BJP has got more seats and JDU has failed to perform well in this election So BJP will lead the coalition government instead of Nitish Kumar ?

    Does it mean you want to say ?

    I don't think Nitish Kumar will accept it and If he doesn't agree then BJP candidate can't be Chief Minister. As in politics there is no permanent friend or enemy and generally, political parties are oppportunists , so keeping this aspect in mind I see a remote possibility of Tejasvi Yadav as next CM with JDU and Nitish Kumar will keep his iron fist on CM.
    BJP has no option but to crown Nitish Kumar as 4th time CM. However, one thing can be said, As Nitish Kumar asked vote for another term as a CM of Bihar but his rival Tejaswi Yadav defeated him as CM candidate and if Nitish Kumar' s conscience is alive then he himself should offer BJP to lead the NDA government in Bihar.

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    Even earlier parties were blaming each other for manipulate of votes by changing the ballot boxes and making duplicate paper votes. When there is dishonesty in an activity then there are many ways to do wrong doings and whether it is a ballot box or EVM does not matter much. Nothing is fool proof and even hackers can do it and those who have designed it can always do something wrong if they really want to do such evil things. The question is not the excuses these parties are making. The fact is that we do not have an honest system of working and there are so many lures given to people for doing wrong things and how can we judge just by sitting outside as what is happening there. So, even if nothing is being done people will make excuses to create confusion.
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    Here two things has to be discussed. Congress had already sent feelers to Nitish Kumar to snap ties with BJP and be with Mahaghatbandhan but he has his own reservations and preference because he has good rapport with PM Modi and even the JDU performed poor the PM was great enough to say in public that he believed in Nitish governance and that proved the great trait of BJP and PM. Had Congress was in the same place, they would have discarded Nitish and they would ask him to be the deputy. This is what politics is and the BJP giving tough time to Congress overtures and succeeding in better way.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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