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    The knack of becoming rich at young age

    I met one person today and his age was just in thirties but running a successful online sari distribution studio through which he hoists new saris through videos, make new customers and sell the saris on online and the business has picked up well with nearly 500 saris being dispatched to the target customers and growing. At the young age he found good business and consistent business as there is no dearth for designer saris and demand and he has survived during the covid pandemic with 400 saris orders per day. So he could get the knack of making money at young age.
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    Mohan sir, with good skillset and a sharp sense for problem solving one can take advantage of the resources in front of oneself and utilize them to the maximum. In the above case the young gentleman you mentioned has done this. Anyone with the right amount of hard work and above mentioned skill can become sucessful. Ofcourse determination and self preservence play their role too. Age is not by any means the criteria for deciding the sucess or worth of a person in any sense. In short you must know which card to choose and which card to deal in the grand poker game of life.

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    We can even see children at a very young age are good at singing, dancing, painting and other cultural activities. The least of all is children bring curry leaves and lemon grown in their own garden, sell it weekly once to makeup some pocket money too.
    It is clear that even the youngest of young can be a popular earner through youtube videos too. Technology has provided many paths to success which was limted in the early 90's. Rather than infrastructure and materials, it is the skill that takes them long. The young man used his talent to judge the minds of his customers perfectly thus leading a smooth life.

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    Sharada you made a good add up to this post that children are having the knack of earning some money through their creative thoughts and that trait is followed.
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    Yes. There are many people who are very successful during their young age. There are two aspects to that. One is the shrewdness of the individual. How efficiently he manages the issues by observing all the positive points around him and taking the clue from them and growing. Another point is luck. If luck will not favour you, whatever you do, you may not be successful.
    I know a person who is in his 30s now. After passing B.Sc, he joined a private company as a Medical Representative. He got a posting near his native place so that he can work from native place. While working, he developed many contacts there and slowly started taking civil construction contracts. He manages both activities very efficiently. Now he is a very big builder in that area and earning very good money. Now he is thinking of leaving the job and expanding his own business in other areas also.

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    One person gave an advertisement that,'those who want to write anything without using a pen,send a reply card and 10 rupees stamp'. Many people replied accordingly. Those applied got reply in the reply card as'use pencil'.

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    Some people get success at a very early age and there are many factors that contribute to it. Everyone is not so lucky though many of us attempt for the same. So, the type of business, timing of entry, demand in the market and many such factors are there which make a difference. Business is a lucrative area but only after it is successful that it gives good earnings for the owner. Many of us jump into the business area only to find that a tough competition is there and we fail miserably there. In my locality there is a shopping area which is always full of customers and some shops are doing good business while some shops are not much successful. During the last 2-3 years I have observed about 30-35 shops closed and left the place. As soon as the shop is vacated someone comes and takes it on rent and starts a new business there but again only a small percentage of them getting success. The number of shops which closed and left is much more than the number which flourished. So my point is that though so many will try for it only a few will be successful may be due to their innovativeness or correct combination of all the market factors.
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