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    The cunning thoughts should not jeoprodise the progress of others

    There are people around us who wants our setbacks and failures and does not want to see progress and development in our life. Though they behave as close friends and well wishers from out side, they spit venom from inside and their every move would have cunning thoughts against us and may even jeopardize the very chance of one step ahead positions in life. We should not care those cunning people who keep tow on our good and very good progress and they try to tarnish our image by telling anti progress views on us.
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    Many people are not as plain as they appear. They will be talking something but maybe thinking different in their minds. As mentioned by the author many people never feel happy when they see that others are progressing. They may be showing their happiness on their faces only but not in their hearts. Even relatives who talk very sweetly may not be as sweet as they appear. They may be feeling very unhappy when they see that we are progressing. This is all very common these days. Individually when we meet our relatives who talk badly about the third party who are relatives two both are the people who will definitely speak badly about us in our absence. Such people are deceivers and we should not trust such people. They will carry our words to the other party in a negative way and try to see that we both will quarrel with each other.
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    There are some people in the society who have such traits and they will backbite about us and spread misleading news and information about. One reason of doing that could be the inherent jealousy that they have with anyone who is successful in ones life. We should be careful about such people and should not make friendship with them and especially should not confide in them as they will make all those things public and it will be a mocking matter.
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    I agree with the author. Here I would like to say that we should not be disheartened by ill activities of such people. Instead of focussing on them We should avoid them. It's good for us.

    These people who don't like to see us happy and successful in life are our silent enemies who are always on mission to oppose and harm us especially when they have grudge for us. Keep an eye on their harmful activities against us and keep on waiting for right time to teach them an unforgettable lesson that they forget to inflict harm to others.

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    The author is correct. Many times we will meet people who behave in front of us in such a way that nobody wants our interest more than them, but their inner feelings jealous of your success. Not every person is like this, but still, there are many people in this world who are ostentatious, many times these people can also be our own specials one. I believe that we should have the highest confidence in ourselves so that if someone tries to trick us, then it will not succeed.

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    All types of people are there in a society and everyone cannot be a gentleman. There are some who are always ready to harm others either by backbiting or spreading rumours about a particular person. We have to be careful with these evil forces because if we fight with them, they get a job and pass their time in that mean activity. For them it is a pleasure, though we would be irritated and feeling inconvenient. So we should not provide them a job. Let them wander here and there in search of a suitable prey. We should tell our friends and other people about them and they should also be careful from their approach.
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