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    Movements are essential and play a significant role

    I know we all like to move around and go to various places like we used to before the pandemic. But the movement I am talking about here is not related to physical movement, it is all about campaigns. The campaigns are for change. The campaign can be against corruption, it can be for seeking justice for a particular issue. We all are aware of the movement initiated by Anna Hazare, during recent times, and there are many such movements that have created a change in society by compelling the government in power to modify or enact some laws. All those movements have a united voice and it can be said a form of protest. Movements also help to make people aware of some lacunae prevailing in the system. The movement can continue for a long time depending on the situation and when it succeeds it brings a change. The participation of people in any movement is essential, the more the participants the stronger the movement. In every aspect, movement is essential and in every society, some movement is going on. If you think, there is a movement going on for a cause which you are also concerned for join the movement, if possible, to make it stronger. Don't hesitate!
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    What the author was referring is the public outcry against a issue or the matter which has been going out of hand and the government or the agencies would not care. If the injustice is done to a person or the issue, the matter is taken seriously by some organization or the group of people and they garner the public support through their systematic campaign either through mass movements or through social media and thus create awareness and also force the authorities to take actions. The best example can be of Jallikattu when it was banned and the public outcry was spontaneous in Chennai when lakhs gathered for days together braving the weather and that made courts to intervene and gave permission of performance. Thus mass movements have the power and ability to mend the government and government agencies.
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    We have seen the movement of Jai Prakash Narayan those days against the policies of the then government which has seen the formation of Janatadal and many parties with like mind got merged in that. After that, only a new government of Janata Dal under the leadership Of Morarji Desia formed in the Centre. Like this, some movements will have a heavy high impact.
    These days we see sign the petitions. These can be called E - movements. All these petitions will go to the government and they may be reacting to them as deemed fit.
    In the Telugu States, we have witnessed two important movements. One is a Separate Andhra movement under the leadership of Tenneti Visvanadham. But this movement was not successful. The present Vice President Venkaih Naidu was a student leader those days and took an active role in that movement.
    The second movement we witnessed is separate Telangana movement started by KCR with political motives and it was successful and the State got divide into two.

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    @Dr Rao:
    When Morarji Desai became Prime Minister of India , it was Janata Party whereas Vishvanath Pratap Singh led Janata Dal government.

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    it is the fact that India has witnessed great movements in the recent past and even could bend the attitude of the government whether in state or central and that proved that if the cause is good and has the support of the public in large numbers, the success is for sure. But most of the moments are subverted by the police intervention and the public upsurge is controlled by hoisting cases on those who are pillars or the whistle blowers of such movements. The will power of people should be strong when they take up the cause and that should benefit huge to the society and the government has to be convinced with their movement power. Unfortunately the political parties does not have guts to start movements and it is Individuals and organizations are doing so and later supported by the parties and the movement becomes big and hijacked even.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This thread is about movements which created awareness in people and eventually, either were crushed by the ruling dispensation or made the government accept their demands.

    Shiv Sena, the prominent political party which is now a very powerful force in Mahrashtra and ruling the state with support of Congress and NCP was started as a movement which brought radical changes in the state under the leadership of Bala Sahab Thakre. I would like to write a few words about this movement .

    Bal Thakre was a cartoonist associated with a newspaper. The situations in Mahrashtra were that people of other states had monopoly in all sectors whereas indigenous people were deprived of their due rights of employment in government or private sectors. He was a rebellious to this dispensation. He raised his voice against the system through his cartoons, for which he was fired too. He left the job and started his own newspaper Saamna. His rebellious attitude attracted the mass and gradually, over the time, people kept on joining his movement. Then this movement which was aimed at restoration of rights of local people named as Shiv Sena by his father. Soon he became the king of Maharshtra. People loved him so much that they could sacrifice even their lives for him. Eventually, he succeded in his efforts. He became so much powerful here two examples can be given (1) Indian PM Indra Gandhi recognized him as a mass leader and wanted him to be with her party (2) Dawood Ibrahim, underworld don had to leave Mumbai .

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    The movement has been a part of both the history and present of the world, but it is very important for the movement to remain non-violent, with the emphasis on the construction along with the struggle. The Narmada Bachao Movement has seen many ups and downs in Madhya Pradesh in the last many years, but each time it continues to face challenges. Emphasis is laid on the construction along with struggle. Construction means the option of present destructive development. An alternative development that does not depend on destruction. Development is necessary to preserve both life and nature. Being non-violent does not mean being weak, it also does not mean to be silent but to challenge it while living with pride.

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    Mass movement or combined public efforts have a great power and force and many times Govt has to accommodate with it. We have seen it happening many time across the globe in different countries at different times. At the same time it is also true that Govt has all might with it any many times the agitations can be crushed also and people ran away because of the fear of getting jailed or things like that. So this fight between the Govt and the public will always be there and if the Govt is corrupt then chances of public winning are moe but if the Govt is honest then public outcry would subside soon.
    Knowledge is power.

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