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    Schools and Colleges need to take preventive care

    It is observed that in certain States, the schools and colleges are scheduled to reopen shortly. The virus is now under control in many parts of India.

    Children are particularly vulnerable. Enough care should be taken to make everyone wear the masks and also wash hands with soap at least twice during the day. The schools should have enough water stored in the schools for this purpose. Toilets should also be very clean everywhere. The colleges should also be clearly instructed to follow all guidelines.

    When things are seemingly better, let us not allow things to go from bad to worse in any corner of the country.
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    It is true that the education sector has gone for the six with the pandemic aftermath and still many schools and colleges are unable to collect their old fees as the parents refuse paying fees as the children are not getting the due education through schools to which they agreed to pay fees. Now that the online classes are going on with minimal or same teacher the parents feel that the schools are saving money and they also get the cut from the fees and some are even refusing to pay citing no salary. In this back drop when the schools and colleges reopen again the main target for the management would be to collect the back fees and then they would concentrate on rules to be followed during the session. But they need money to pay salaries to teacher and staff and I fear no school would be spending money for the new covid rules.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The schools have reopened but only students of 9th class onwards are allowed to continue their study in their class rooms. I have heard that All precautions are taken care of by school administration. Students are not allowed to sit on bench close to each other. Physical distancing, wearing mask, use of sanitizer and other guidelines are being followed.
    Rest all other students are studying online. I agree with the author that we should not allow the deadly virus of this pandemic to spread further.
    Sadly, common people are not following guidelines, even policemen on duty don't use mask in public. when those people who are responsible for implementing prescribed guidelines show indifference to follow them themselves then, obviously, common people will be more negligent.

    Covid 19 has been proven as quite fatal to human life. It is continuously spreading in all corners of the country and people are free-mixing with others without following guidelines. If any person carries the virus of this incurable disease will spread it in his family too and children and old men are highly vulnerable. Children are not allowed to continue their study in school but what is the point in it if elder members of the family carry this virus and infect these children.

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    Already in Andhra Pradesh, some educational institutes are reopened. Attendance is low I understand. But many teachers and students reported COVID19 positive. It is very difficult to maintain the discipline among the children is very difficult. For one teacher taking care of 20 to 30 children during teaching is very difficult. So there are many cases among the children as well to teachers also.
    Maintaining the social distance, using masks regularly, washing hands regularly, not sharing food and not exchanging the masks with each other is very important. Personally, I feel sending children to schools at this point is unsafe. We are all expecting Vaccine in Feb 2021. So Parents should send their children to school only after getting the children vaccinated.
    As mentioned by the author, as the schools are already opened the teachers there should see that all required precautions are taken and see that the situation will not become bad.

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    The threat is still there and it is apparently felt by the people that it is subsiding. Actually it is appearing as subsiding only in the regions where people are taking too much precautions and governance is also good. Wherever people are becoming careless and negligent it is coming back severely. Even in some developed countries it is coming back with same force. So, in this situation opening schools and colleges is a risky proposition but probably the administrators want to see what will happen if we do that and once they find the result either we continue or again close down with a lockdown. So only coming times would tell the exact situation but we are still in the risk zone for some more time till some remedial measure like vaccine or curing drug is found. Till that time all sorts of trial and errors would be there which could be beneficial or harmful depending on how much care and concern people have for keeping social distancing and other precautions. Our memory is very short. As soon as we see that it is subsidising we start mixing with each other and forget everything. The danger is looming over our heads and we can't see it because we do not see upwards.
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