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    Let the conversation between the children be in English

    In a house of two children and when they are growing up, the parents should encourage them to talk in English so that at the young age the fear of learning the English language would vanish and when they come to the stage of college, they would be proficient with talking, writing and even giving speeches flawlessly and thus they would be far ahead than other students in the class when it comes to interviews and selection during the campus rounds. Therefore make sure that children are treated to this way of nurturing from the young age.
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    True. English is the universal language. Proficiency in this language is very essential for an individual to grow fast and get international recognition. So all should learn English. Parents should see that their children will acquire good knowledge in this international language. A need of these days.
    At the same time, one should not ignore their mother tongue also. These days we are seeing many people who are ignoring their mother tongue in the quest to learn English. That is also not the correct way. They should concentrate on their mother tongue also. At least proficiency in two languages is a requirement.
    There are many ways to learn the language. The same procedure can be followed for any language. Reading books and newspapers is one way. Hearing the radio programmes in the language you want to learn and viewing TV channels of that language are some of the methods. Conversing with others in that language is one way to improve our skill in that particular language.

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    English should be taught to children right from the classes three and the teachers should take adequate care in their process of learning. The main obstruction in the learning process is the fearness of the learners towards this language. Removing their apprehensions and constant motivation to this language would alleviate their fearness. While they are learning this language , teachers should ensure that other subjects included in the syllabus is not ignored. These days we are witnessing stiff competition especially in getting a prestigious job. The aspirants must be proficient in English apart from a fair commands in the other subjects as well. Hence they should strive hard to excell well in the entire syllabus to demonstrate their proficiency.

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    The problem in teaching English is that, it is not their mother tongue. It is a foreign language, the pronunciation, fluency can not be apt until and unless the child puts efforts on LSRW skills which is a necessity. Even though the teacher speaks, gives writing work in English subject yet it is half done because when the child returns home, he or she starts speaking mother tongue.
    If the child has to learn English, the effort should not only be from the teacher but also from the parent. Now, you may be thinking, how can an illiterate parent accomplish such goal? So they have to use media, put on English news, watch conversations in English, listen to songs in English, listen to audios of books read in English available on google. This will be helpful to build language at an early age.

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    If they wish to speak the language fluently then they should conversate between them in English. This is applicable to any language other than the mother tongue. Whether it's in the home, school or the workplace if there are no specific rules about the language to be used while speaking everybody speaks in their mother tongue or in a language that the majority speaks in. If students fear a particular language then we need to find the reason for the fear. I have seen in many cases that a few teachers try to instil fear about the subject English among the students saying that it's very tough. If this fear remains it will not be so easy to learn the language. What the author said in the thread is a good idea and whenever somebody is learning a new language she/he should learn how to speak in that language and for that conversation between a group in that language is a must.

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