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    Real blessings of Diwali festival

    A festival has two main purposes in human lives. First is to pray the God and seek blessings and second is to have fun and frolic with friends and family. Now Diwali festival is approaching fast and everyone is excited to have a great time during the week ahead. Traditionally it is considered a time when Goddess Laxmi will be pleased with us and may visit our homes and make us prosperous. Let us all enjoy Diwali but this year due to the ongoing pandemic one must observe certain precautions and try to contain the fun within those boundaries if we really want that the virus should not surge back in the aftermath of the social mixing done during this festival. Experts are suggeting some measures but it is up to the general public whether they really care for it or not. I am simply forwarding those precautions to be taken by all -
    1. Festival to be observed within ones own house and family. Even close relatives are not supposed to visit. Have a video call. Show each other what you have prepared and enjoy it virtually.
    2. Already there is enough pollution in the air. Do not increase it with crackers. Use green or low intensity crackers in small quantities just to cheer up the children and that also not in a common place. Avoid mixing with others at any cost.
    3. Make a list and bring all the items at one go and do not go to market so many times for a thing or two.
    4. Use your mobile for congratulating the neighbours on Diwali. Do not exchange sweets and savoury items with them. Remember there are people who are not reporting their illness due to the fear of hospital admission and trying to get cured just by sitting in home and taking precautions. You may not be knowing but someone in your neighbourhood would be like that and in your gregariousness you are inviting trouble if you exchange anything with anyone. Do it in next Diwali by increasing the quantity of sweets pertaining as arrears for this year!
    5. People having asthma or throat problems need not to go out in the polluted environment that we generally see after the festival.
    6. Try to make eatables as far as possible in home only. This is a good opportunity to learn cooking.

    Happy Diwali to all the members and have a nice time. I pray to Goddess Laxmi for the prosperity of all of us.
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    The author has took pain to advise and give tips for the safe and secured Deepavali and I appreciate his gesture. For the first time the country going to celebrate this festival of lights and sound differently and many have already decided not to go for extravagant and be within their limits as too much spending now not needed and one more lock down may be in offing. So be selective in spending and also take care of elders and young ones during the festivities. Elders should not indulge in heavy sweet eating and the young ones should not go for the mingling and cracker busting with the friends and neighbors. There could be influence of neighbors and relatives who may try to visit at this challenging time , but try to avoid them politely citing reasons that elders are at home and cannot take risk of mingling and spreading disease.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we think of Diwali, the festival of light, we do think about sweets, puja, Crackers, guests, etc but this year, we can make a difference by following the above tips and suggestions mentioned by the writer. Due to pandemic, it is our responsibility to take precautionary measure and keep the safety of our loved once on top. Let us try to keep this year Diwali as a family get-together and celebrate it within the boundary of our home and with others through video call or text message. As we have many apps that can make group calling and add family members for a conference call and chat with them and share our festive mood through call and wish them safe, healthy and prosperous Diwali. Let us take the safety measures and help self, family and our society to get rid of this situation and cope at the earliest by lending our small helpful gesture by staying at home and celebrating. Let the fun be within our family and be at the safer side. The balance can be carried forward and be celebrated next year with a bonus from this year. Wishing everyone "Happy & Prosperous Diwali" in advance.
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    Deepavali is an important festival for Hindus and they celebrate it with a lot of enthusiasm. Especially children will be very happy on this day as they can have fun with firecrackers. In villages, some families will make firecrackers in their houses and the activity will start at least one month before the festival.
    But this year like any other festivals those are celebrated during the pandemic, we all should celebrate the festival with a lot of care. We should take all precautions so that we will not have any problem after the festival. Deepawali as such is to be celebrated carefully as it involves fire. Added to that, this year we have COVID 19 also. So we should be very careful and should not take any chance.
    The author has listed many precautions one should follow for celebrating Deepawali and one should follow all those without any exemptions. Those precautions will ensure a safe festival to all of us. Happy Deepawali to all of you in advance.

    always confident

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