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    We need to focus on moral teachings to children

    It's said that lap of mother is the first and primary school of kids where they learn what they observe. Their mind is like a plain paper what is written on it will never be erased. A kid begins to understand the language which a family converse in, especially, mother's language. Manners and all traits are imprinted on his mind and heart. Our positive or negative thinking also affects him.
    In old days children would be told moral stories by parents or grandparents before sleep. They would be taught good manners. My mother was my first teacher who taught me alphabet which became the foundation of all academic qualification in later stage. She taught me how to be a good human being. When a mother teaches her kid to never tell a lie then speaking truth becomes integral part of his character. It happens with all of us. Now a days many parents are not bother to provide moral teachings to their children. In schools this aspect of education is also neglected. Moral teachings are the base of character building process of a child. We still respect our old teachers who even had taught us in primary schools but now I see today's students forget to respect their teachers after leaving the school.

    What do you think about inculcating good manners and providing moral teachings to children ?
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    What people learn during their childhood will be remembered forever. Kids will be learning the points very easily. My granddaughter learned Sanskrit slokas by hearing while her grandmother recites them. They learn very fast. As mentioned by the author children learn by observing their elders and also hearing their elders. So elders should start teaching morals to the children in their houses. Not only teaching but also practising them is also very important. If we are teaching them but we are not following, the kids will definitely ask us why we are not following. So following the points by elders is also very important.
    Then the role of teachers in schools is also very important. The teachers will make a lot of impact on children. Some students believe and follow their teachers more than their parents. Some teachers will be role models for children. What they teach us in our primary and secondary schools is makes a lot of difference in our attitude and that will help us a lot in shaping ourselves as a good citizen.

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    Till the year 1973 there was a period thrice a week provided for moral instruction classes and for other three days craft classes. Till the prevalence of such mi classes the culture among youngsters were normal but once the mi classes removed the culture of students started ruin. We dig pit ourselves for our culture.

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    The author raised a very important thread where the focus is on value education. Nowadays, the curriculum is focused on developing skills among the students and do not give much importance to other aspects like social or physical well-being which is also extremely important for the development of the mind. When a child grows up, she/he will not only have to solve issues related to the subject of interest/profession but also various other aspects of life. We are social beings and require the help of each other to survive. We must know how to interact with others, what is acceptable in society and what is not and how sticking to a discipline help us to grow. All these things must be taught from childhood and along with teachers parents also play an important role here. Parents must lead by example so that children can learn by following their activities.

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    Moral teaching is very important to every children and even the schools are insisting that first moral teaching starts from the home and that continues for the life. How to address the elders, how to behave with the elders, how to respect others are the great traits and that would pave way for good learning in future. Though we had the poems and skits on moral teaching during our school days, nothing like that are being taught for the children these days and some schools feel that it is waste of time to teach such things. Through moral teaching the social belonging and social respect would increase and that paves for great traits in future. Good mannered child and persons are always liked in the society and there should be one subject on moral science to the students from first class to the college level also.
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