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    What are the lessons from the Bihar elections?

    The lesson is loud and clear. In one of the worst and most backward States of Bihar, fifty percent of the electorate do not want to go along with the BJP that now has a thin majority. It was the BJP that wanted to undermine and destroy the JD(U) of Mr. Nitish Kumar. It has partly succeeded in doing so, as it made the junior Paswan to split the votes. This strategy has partly misfired.

    The BJP will perhaps learn a lesson. People want jobs, incomes and security for life. The great Home Minister cannot go about talking non-economic issues and hoodwink the people. And the great PM will also do well to start acting on real issues. Not just favour only the corporates as he tends to do at any time. The Indian National Congress may be down, but it is not lost.

    This party will stage a comeback in many other parts of India. The party which is blatantly communal cannot do it's dirty tricks anymore.
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    I think the author always try to blame a single party. Why he developed such hatred towards that party. BJP emerged as the single largest party in Bihar elections and NDA won more than 50% of the seats. So anyone who analyses the results will say the majority of the people are with NDA. The majority may be less but sufficient to form the government. The author advised BJP regarding the actions to be taken by that party. Is he thinking that the other parties need not learn anything from the elections? Are they perfect but the dirty tricks of BJP only masked them? Even a primary school student will also not believe this.
    I feel opposition parties should introspect and understand where they have to improve to win the hearts of the people. They should analyse the results and in what areas they have to work strongly to make a come back. They should see what are the needs of the people and why many of the voters are going against. Then there will be a chance to improve their performance in the coming elections.

    always confident

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    Congress party had ruled for a long time and people have learned many lessons from that regime. That was the reason why people of India ignored it and went for BJP in a big way. So, we have to see the parties in a comparative ways. Every party will have some deficiencies and weaknesses. We have to select one which has minimum of those negative things in totality considering the national interest and overall progress. If we simply see one party then we will find many things which mayn't be correct and our mind will go in an anti establishment thinking path and many people do that error of judgement. In a big democratic set up in a highly populated country like India where there are so many castes, creeds, and religion, no party can mange the show but as I had earlier mentioned we have to go for the best possible alternative.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Rao Sir, what is the record of the party you praise so much, in economic terms? It has completely ruined the economy. The facts are there for all to see. The Middle class is much poorer. Only the Ambanis and Adanis have access to billions of rupees that you and I have saved for so many years. The entire banking industry is on the verge of collapse. The lady who is the Finance Minister has not done anything good. Sir, if she owes Rs,30,000 crores through GST and still asks the States to borrow to fund the deficit, what sort of economic management is this Sir?

    Now come to social issues. The CM of one large State, where you have only goonda Raj, is on record of saying that only Dalits have to live with the behavior of the upper castes. They will continue to rape others and one has to just "tolerate" such behavior!! Is it fine to hear the hate speeches day in and day out Sir>\

    \What happened in Bihar? Even Nitish Kumar had to condemn the atrocious words uttered by this great CM, who was on the campaign trail. Sir, their record in social management is zero. They have divided society, Sir. They have ruined the economy, Sir. And 50% of the electorate have voted against the BJP. Still, will you say it is a good mandate?

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    ABSivakumarji, Please read my post. I never praised BJP. I said it has emerged as the single largest party. Is my statement wrong? I said the party won the hearts of the people and the majority of people voted for NDA. Is it not a fact?
    No other party performed better than NDA in the elections? As you are a great fan of congress, why can't you analyse why that party is not faring well and where they have to improve. That will be good for the party. Why can't you think in those lines? The opposition party should introspect rather than criticising the winning party. You are a very knowledgeable HR expert. You know the importance of self-appraisal and you know I am a big fan of your articles.
    A single man can't decide who should come to power. The people have to decide and the majority will decide the winner. No party will be ideal. But majority voters may go for the best available.

    always confident

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    In India, for elections to the State Legislative Assembly, we follow the "First Past the Post" system. So it doesn't matter, if the winning party has garnered 50% votes or not. If 10 persons contest an election, the person with 11% vote share will be declared the winner, if the others have lesser vote share than him.

    Yesterday, Congress party was blaming Asaduddin Owaisi for spoiling their chances of winning the elections as he contested the elections separately and split the votes of Muslims. In reply, Asaduddin Owaisi blasted Congress party saying that both Congress and BJP are two faces of the same coin. Congress party wants all the Muslim votes. Is it not dividing the society?

    Whenever Asaduddin Owaisi contest any state elections, Congress party blames him saying that he is facilitating BJP to win. Doesn't he have any right to contest elections? Does Congress party see the Muslims only as vote bank?

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    While you talk about Bihar and say that more than 50 percent voters are against BJP, think about our country as a whole where BJP has an absolute majority with ample number of MPs from all the states of India. The economy is not weak due to BJP, but due to pandemic like COVID-19 that caused the country to lockdown for many months. It is the fate of India and nothing could be done. What the Congress party could not do for many decades has been done by the BJP within few years of governance. The party has taken bold and risky steps to take the country forward.

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    Rao Sir and SuN Sir, I do agree that Congress had done mistakes. They had also gone after Muslim votes. But they never hate Muslims. They do not deliver hate speeches of the kind the great Home Minister or the CM of Up does. And am shocked that SuN Sir is totally ignorant about economics. Modi has done nothing. He has actually spoiled everything. Bank debts have increased manifold. He has destroyed the middle classes and virtually robbed them. The FDI has not increased at all.

    And he has morons as Ministers. They are unfit to rule this country. The only saving grace is the Railways and what has been achieved here. The maximum growth was achieved only druing the Congress regime. You and I cannot be sitting on this pile of achievements if Narasimha Rao and Dr. Manmohan Singh were not there. SuN Sir, please go through all statistics. I will provide them in any numberof threads.

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    No need to provide statistics. I am living and watching things going around. I am physically seeing the governments that have come and gone and are present. It might taste bitter, but in the long run, it would be sweet to taste. BJP is correcting the mistakes of the Congress government that ruled for many decades. I don't believe in statistics reported in newspapers. I physically look at things and understand them. BJP is far better than Congress with immature politicians suffering under a family's command.

    No life without Sun

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    SuN Sir, the decline started long long ago. The official unemployment figures were published before Covid. It is shocking that you do not know these details. The economy has been going downhill for such a long time. I will provide all statistics to prove my point.

    Not let us come to the broad picture. I do hope you will appreciate that the economy will grow only if the size of the middle class grows, and the people with regular monthly income goes on increasing, month after month. These are the people who save, borrow, and spend. That is the SBS category.

    This category has been greatly destroyed by great Modi after 2014. On the one hand, the contract employment increased manifold. The absolute employment has increased, the number of contract employees has increased many many times, but their employment income has not, repeat NOT, driven the economy. I really do not know if SuN Sir lives in Hyderabad or somewhere in the South of India. Remember Sir, the maximum and record growth in GDP has happened only in South India, over the past fifteen years, partly due to the IT revolution put in place by Dr>Manmohan Singh and Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao.

    Now, let us come to the bare facts. Things that you and I see but can never ever dispute and say no. These things are happening so badly and again and again. Look at the metro train construction work labor. Do you know that 90% is from the BIMARU States, where the BJP has been in power for so many years? Record of achievement? A big zero. The poor and hapless labor do all sorts of labor in all places -- petrol bunks, courier boys, as waiters and cleaners in the smallest of Udipi hotels and so on. They earn some salary, they are always exploited. This is the big wave of migration, facilitated by the great Modi, after 2014. So have these people contributed to the growth of the economy? Yes, but at the lowest end of the spectrum. For example, they buy an iddli that costs Rs.2 or a chappathi that costs Rs.5 from unhygienic roadside shops and manage to live. They somehow save money and send that home. Most of them are uneducated Hindiwallahs who do not know any English at all.

    But their life never improves. They do not get any bank loans. They cannot drive the middle-class economy.

    Is this the achievement, SuN Sir, that you are talking about? If this is achievement, please go ahead and praise him.

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    What I infer from the out come of Bihar Elections, it is the BJP which has been benefited than any other party as their strike rate was 66 percent of the candidates stood for election and that was good planning because it lost few seats. But Nitish Kumar has failed to garner the votes for his party and that has miserably failed the further surge of NDA tally. What is more surprising to me that the AIMIM which is the local party in TS and always concentrate only in Hyderabad has been spreading to other states, first it was Maharastra and now secured five seats in Seemanchal area of Bihar and thus proved to be great damage in future. Had the Mahaghatbhandan gone for pre poll alliance with the AIMIM there are every chances of Tejeswi Yadav becoming CM and that chance was gone as there is no opposition unity.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is no use finding fault with the ruling party always. As long as voters trust them and give them votes they will be in power. How many years the people kept their faith in Congress and voted them. But Voters thought that they are not getting the expected fruits by voting them. Now we are seeing a shift and people are giving a chance to BJP/NDA. If they don't come up to the expectations of the voters they will also be ignored.
    My main worry is why the other parties are trying to strengthen their party by getting into people and trying to understand their needs. They should do that. Then only they will get the required strength.
    There may not be any use by always shouting that the BJP is a bad party and it is to be sent out. Make efforts in that direction by showing their strengths.

    always confident

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    Time and again the author has been referring to the good GDP growth during Manmohan Singh and PV Narasimha Rao regime but it all happened when the country was not affected through the factors now faced by this govt. The upsurge and development that took place post Demonetization could not be sustained we experienced the worst pandemic loss and even that has been overcome now. I bet if Congress was in power either they would have would have made more mess on these issues or would have even ran away from the country. Given the situation BJP alone can take the country forward and the way global nations are looking for friendship band with India proves that our leadership is far better than previous regime and just wait for next year first quarter when we will on top of the world.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan Sir is totally biased and refuses to accept facts. In 2015, there was no pandemic. Modi's record of economic mismanagement is totally responsible for the atrocious record on unemployment. Modi has only refused to even think of regular employment.

    Only a small section of those in regular jobs like all Government servants, teachers, those employed in all banks and the big Corporates on regular rolls are running the economy. They are driving the economy, including the new sales of scooters, motorcycles and so on. Only the very rich farmers are buying the new cars and so on. The Govt is busy packaging lies and selling that to the nation. I really wonder how people like Mohan Sir can just blindly support someone whose party is the worst and most blatant communal party in the world.

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    Firstly, Dr Rao, it is RJD that has emerged as the single largest party. The NDA has got the majority as a group.

    Coming to the lesson learned, I think the BJP has once again made its tactics clear by promising Nitish Kumar the CM's seat before elections but has tactfully ensured that the party gets more seats to contest. So, this probably might be the last chance of Nitish to become CM because next time, the BJP won't be promising JD(U) the CM's chair but will ensure that they contest in even more seats than this time. Thereby they will make it sure that they overtake JD(U) and tell them to remain at the back with whatever ministerial posts they are offered. This is the masterplan that the BJP is following everywhere where they are in alliance with regional giants.

    Again, as has been said by everyone, Congress and other parties need to understand the gameplan of the BJP and must plan their strategies accordingly and at the same also must introspect as to where they have gone wrong.

    All said and done, the win by the NDA is more or less a political victory rather than the victory of the people of Bihar.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    The author must refrain from diverting from the main topic so that the members also restrict themselves. If we are to discuss the lessons learned, let us discuss only that. There is no need to repeat the statistics each and every time you come up with a political post.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Saji Ganesh,
    When I posted my comment saying that BJP is the single largest party, BJP won 74 seats. After that only RJD crossed 74 and became the single largest party. Finally, RJD has become the single largest party. I agree with you now that RJD is the single largest party and NDA has the majority as a group.

    always confident

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    Young Tejaswi Yadav has aspersed on Election Commission and NDA. In his first press conference held after Bihar Elections, he said that in 20 constituencies, where the margin was of fewer votes candidate of Mahagathbandhan had won, they were congratulated by the returning officer as well, were asked to wait for certificates but later on, they were declared as defeated and NDA candidates were declared as winning candidates.
    He claimed that large number of postal ballots were cancelled without any reason. He has challenged to show all postal ballots - both valid and invalid and recounting should be done.

    He said:

    "The mandate favoured Mahagathbandhan, but Election Commission's result was in NDA's favour".

    " The mandate was for the Mahagathbandhan. The Chief Minister wants to come in from the chor darwaza (back door),"

    "I thank Bihar's people. The mandate favoured Mahagathbandhan, but the Election Commission's result was in NDA's favour. This hasn't happened the first time. In 2015 when Mahagathbandhan was formed, votes were in our favour but BJP made back door entry to gain power".

    "Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar used money, muscle power and trickery but could not stop this 31-year-old, "

    All his allegations are true or false time will tell.

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    New series of developments is being staged in Bihar before the formation of the government. These developments are creating a new situation before NDA.

    - Madhvi Singh, an MLA of JDU has resigned from her party. She has made serious allegations on BJP and JDU in her resignation letter. She wrote that BJP and JDU had done injustice against Tejaswi Yadav. In protest, she was resigning from JDU.

    - Mukesh Sahni whose party VIP is in alliance with NDA has demanded the seat of Deputy Chief Minister

    - HAM has said that they don't want any portfolio. It's being guessed that this party also wants Deputy CM seat.

    - Chiragh Pasawan who, despite being a part of NDA, openly opposed and humiliated Nitish Kumar while campaigning for his LJP candidates. Now Nitish Kumar wants that Chiragh Paswan should be ousted from NDA.

    - Tejaswi Yadav has flung the dice before Mukesh Sahni with a bait of Deputy CM seat. His offer is open before HAM too.

    - AIMIM has 5 MLAs and party president has given hint to support RJD.

    - Some members of BJP wants BJP's CM in the state their party has outnumbered in NDA

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