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    Do you keep a pet animal in your home ?

    In villages and small towns rearing cattle is a common activity because mostly farmers reside in these areas. they use them for milk and milk products or for selling them.
    Also In cities animals are kept in homes but Generally, they are pet animals and it's seen that most of the people choose dog out of several other domestic animals as a pet in their homes. Some of them keep it because of its loyalty to family and some of them keep it to guard their homes and some of them keep western breed of dogs in their bungalows in tow of western culture.
    We chose a cat instead. We gave it a new name Scooby. It was a lovely and cute kitten when it came in our home with cat mother. We fed it milk. Then it began to come our home daily. Soon it became a member of our family. It used to sleep with any of us. When it grew up as a young cat , it began to go out of house also. One day it went out and never returned.
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    Many people keep pets. They are a great company. Once you get attached to them, you feel as if they are like family members. Right now I do not have any pet but when I was in active job I used to have cat and had different cats at the different places I got transferred during my service life. Cats are very lovely and will snuggle against you if you care and love them. I had a cat which used to come after me whenever I left the house on foot and I had to threaten it to go back otherwise it will follow me for a long distance and then there is a fear that it may go in a wrong direction and get lost. So I always threatened it to go back to house. When I went in scooter or cycle then it did not follow me.
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    As of now, we have no pet animals in our house. We were having two tortoises in our house earlier. My two sons when they are in college studies they wanted to have two tortoises in our house. So we used to have them. But we used to face the problem when we all want to go out of station for 3 or 4 days. We have to keep somebody in the house so that they will feed food for them. But sometimes we are not able to get anybody to take care of them. Hence we wanted to dispose of them. So near our house, there is a temple and at that time there is a pond and some tortoises are there in that. So we left our pets also in that tank. Now a cat will be roaming around our house. It will be outside the house only and will never come inside the house.
    My sister has two dogs in their house. She spends a lot of time with them. But one dog expired when it was 12 years old. The second dog is still there and it is in its 13th year. My sister was very upset when one of their pets expired.

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    I am an animal lover and in my paternal house we always had a dog and when I was studying in my school we had a cow also which my mother kept with great of difficulties but we got good fresh home milk and really enjoyed that. I have many memories of those dogs which my father kept in our house and we played with them most of the times. Now my brother is also very fond of the animals and always have a dog in the house and incidentally the last one which died a year back had the name Scooby only. Presently he is having one beagle breed dog with him.
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    Yes, there is a dog and a cow in my house. Many people are fond of keeping animals at home. In most cities in India, you can see 'dogs' as pets in most homes. If you talk about foreign, then you will see cats in every other house there. Some people also raise dangerous animals like lions, cheetahs, crocodiles. At present, apart from the dogs, you will see rabbits, white rats, parrots, pigeons, turtles, etc. pets in the houses. All these animals are reared on the basis of choice.

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    Although I am affectionate towards animals I cannot keep pets inside my house. We used to have a small aquarium with very few goldfish in it. One small tortoise was also there but then my son (when he was 1 year old) started playing with them like a toy, so we gave it to my friend.

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    Keeping pet animals is going to be trend day by day. Now a days, most of the people prefer to keep dog as a pet animal. I see everyday different kind of dog to my next door. They go for morning walk with their dog.
    I am also fond of pet animal. When i was studying in school that time my brother used to keep a pair of rabbit. My brother's friend gave it to us. I used to play a lot with them. My sister's duty was to feed them. But,at night time two cats used to roaming there. We were always very scared regarding safety of their life. Unfortunately, one day cat devoured one rabbit then another rabbit fell ill and left to eat. So, we decided to return to brother's friend house. After that, in my maternal house my father bought a cow. We kept this cow for a long time. But,finally we had to sell because of not proper care of its health. At present, i am not having pet animal in my home.

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    We are not having any pet animals because in our religion there cannot be captive pets that can be reared for the cause of our survival and thus we do not nurture the pets either dog or the cat. If we have the pets, we should give 100 percent justice by looking after them well. When we want to go out for the vacations or long leave, the pets has to be handed over to the relatives or friends house or in some cases there are pet lodging where in the pets are taken care off with fixed price and they even look after by grooming, bathing. and taking to the out door activities for exercises and games. One thing is sure the pets are also animals and they also need the companion to survive and many house masters fail to recognize this very necessity and therefore those pets turn out to be ferocious over the period of time and behave arrogantly.
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    In my younger days we had dogs as our pet animal. It would always stay out of our house taking good care when theives came too. It would always inform me, my dad's arrival through its signals.
    We had a guest few months back in our house,a kitten family. It stayed with us for a few days and we cannot find where it is now.
    We have a flock of sparrows and parrots visting our corridor, sitting in the trees chirping mornings and evenings. It is free, not in cage so comes regularly for food, shelter and water. Besides this we do not have any pets.

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